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Crude Awakening….Look For Higher Gas Prices…Need Another Income Source?

I just left the gas station and Yikes…… $88 to fill my tank. That’s more than doubled when I bought my truck back in 2006. I love my truck…. It’s paid for…. I get the warm fuzzies just driving it…. Besides, it’s so big it makes me look skinnier. Love looking skinny.

Is there relief in sight? In March, gas prices hovered higher than any previous year. In 2009, just three years ago the price at the pump, was a mere $2.07; now at last check that number has reached $3.86.

If you’re in California, Oregon, or New York, or half a dozen other states, you’re probably already paying over four dollars a gallon. Ouch.
Let’s take a look and see if there is a solution for a better way to save at the pump. Is it possible to eke out a few more miles from what’s already in your tank? These suggestions might help.

  • If you’re on a budget, look for more fuel-efficient vehicles; but don’t spend $30,000 on a vehicle just to save a few pennies at the pump.  Observe the the posted speed limits. Typically, cars that are the most efficient, keep their speed between 25 miles an hour to 60 miles an hour… every mile an hour over that 60 mile an hour number drives up your costs to an additional $.24 at the pump.
  • If it’s possible, walk or ride a bicycle.I really like this idea, except on a rainy day…. Which become bad hair days. Most trips occur within 2 miles of home, and the working population which consists of 50% commutes 5 miles or less to work each day. Many Canadians and Americans own bicycles, however, they use them significantly less than do any citizens of other countries.
  • If your vehicle has exterior racks remove unnecessary cargo when traveling. If you empty your trunk and you remove your roof rack and carry all items that you need to haul safely inside your car you’ll reduce when resistance which hikes up the need to refuel, as well as the price.
  • Make sure your car is in tip top condition. Poorly maintained or inefficient engines can use up a significantly greater amounts of gasoline than well cared for vehicles. When you fuel up use the recommended motor oil with the right gasoline octane levesl and keep your engine properly maintained. It is in your pocket books best interest to change your oil regularly and get a tuneup.
  • Efficiency is the key when you’re driving. This means avoiding sudden stops and rapid accelerations, as well as unnecessarily idling and jackrabbit starts. If you can use your overdrive gears and cruise control. This will help out tremendously. And if you can combine errands and carpool you can equalize the upsurge in price at the pumps.
  • Tire inflation that is not at the recommended amounts can spike up your gas bill by as much as 33%! In addition under inflated tires wear out more quickly as well as reduce your gas mileage.

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