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Some Times No News Is The Best News

Read the newspaper, Reading in the sun

Read the newspaper, Reading in the sun—Ed Yourdon (

Steve has such a wonderful folksy witty wisdom….and there are times he just nails you with the truth. thank you for todays insights.

Sales Training Tip: Choose What You Allow Into Your Mind Carefully

A front page headline on USA TODAY read:

90% of the ocean’s edible species may be gone by 2048, study finds
Having Hurricane Irene and the worry over the coming of the 2nd recession isn’t enough. They have to devote half their front page to scaring us about the potential scarcity of Mrs. Paul’s fish sticks thirty- seven years from now.

Since I will most likely be dead none of this really matters to me. I find the reading of the daily paper taking less and less time – no more than the drinking of one cup of coffee. The reason – most of what is in there is of no interest to me and has no bearing on the achievement of my goals. Some may say this selfish and I would plead guilty but successfully guilty.

These headlines and stories are nothing new. My first recollection of this type stuff was The Population Bomb, a best-selling book, written by Paul R. Ehrlich and his wife, Anne Ehrlich, in 1968. It warned of the mass starvation of humans in the 1970s and 1980s. Didn’t happen. And then we had Y2K and the whole idea that all there would be a technological meltdown. Didn’t happen.

Scientists, psychics, cult leaders, politicians and ignorant, irresponsible journalists have frequently predicted the end of life as we know it – starvation and famine, flood, asteroid attack, the earth veering from its axis, killer bees, or – the latest – mad cow disease, etc. – and they have all been wrong.

God knows how many times one religious group or another has declared that the end of the world was near. So far nothing, nada has happened. Now we have the fruitcakes who are saying that the ancient Mayan calendar predicts the end of the world in 2012 – that is if the sunspots don’t get us first. Geez, you would think the public would wise up to this journalistic hype and realize that that all this does is sell newspapers and books and get government money for wacky research.

Eventually something, maybe an asteroid will get us and those left will say, “see I told you so”.

I council my sales training clients to be wise and not pay attention to any of this hype and clog their brain with this useless dribble. If you are really, really smart, you will be ruthless about NOT paying attention to anything that doesn’t advance you toward your goals, enhance your important skills, or inspire and motivate you to be your best self and achieve your greatest ambitions.

Hobbies don’t count and you get a pass because everyone needs escape from the nose to the grindstone relentless toil that it takes to become rich and achieve total personal autonomy to do what you want, when you want, with whom you want.

Anything that does not achieve this goal has to be filtered out. Blocked. Ignored. Just because USA TODAY feels compelled to fill its front page with silly, decidedly unscientific drivel, with scary stuff about the future-without-fish, does NOT mean you must swallow it.

Wishing you all the success you have the guts to grab!

 Steve Clark
“The Sales Psychologist”
Author of Profitable Persuasion 
Co-Author of Secrets of Peak Performers


Your Questions About Empower Network

David asks…

Why are all the links saying empower network is a scam sell the actual scam?

I am very very confused

Elysse answers:

Because it is a way to get people to look at the site (people love finding dirt on companies that are doing well in the market place.) and get information that they may have a preconceived notion about and possibly provide them with insights they may be unaware of.  Scams are meant to confuse! They also attract attention. Find reputable sources before jumping to any conclusions. Check with the BBB for factual business reports. Check with  others that have had success not whiners and complainers that have no work ethic and are looking for something for nothing. Success comes with a price…that price is called work.

Joseph asks…

how can I make money with empower network?

hello I would like to know how I can make money with empower network

Elysse answers:

It’s very hard to find a good business on the internet. You may want to check out this webinar for full disclosure.

Richard asks…

Anyone Have An Empower Network Review?

I have been getting A LOT of information about the Empower Network. It’s a brand new system by David Wood and David Sharpe. The video said that you get a free blog with your $25 monthly membership and a lot of other great training. I have also seen that the Empower Network has exploded to one of the most visited sites in the entire world. I want to join the Empower Network, but what’s the best team to join?

Elysse answers:

Hi Diane.

My team is one of the best to join in the entire system. The reason I say that is because we have a free private training site for all of our members on top of all the training that you get by being a member of the Empower Network. I also have over 4 years of internet marketing experience. You get free coaching from me.

Email me at if you have any questions. Or visit my sites below to learn more:

Lisa asks…

What is empower network? is it a ponzi scam?

My friend is spamming my e mail with this business opportunity. can anyone tell me if this is a ponzi? I ran a google search but found that there are all positive things on this. Can you help me?

Elysse answers:

Heck no it is far from a ponzi scam! It’s all positive because it is good there’s nothing wrong with Empower Network and honestly I’d recommend it to anyone!

Susan asks…

Can Empower Network Help my Ampegy Business?

Elysse answers:

For those who don’t know yet, Empower Network is a blogging platform. Upon joining the team for only 25 bucks, you’ll get a subdomain which is for you write anything whether it’s something personal or a blog for your business. You can use the website to sell something, promote your business, or simply write about yourself and your daily experiences.” Being under “[your site] has an advantage. If you have knowledge about SEO, you probably heard about authority websites, like Ezine, Squidoo, YouTube, etc. These authority site rank faster and higher in Google due to the fact that they have huge volumes of quality content. So it’s like you’re having your own authority website, and you have the control over it. No one checks and approves your articles, no limits on links you want to put in your posts. However, for your website to rank faster in Google you should follow the team’s copywriting and SEO guidelines which can be found in the Empower Network Bonus Site. Only members can access that site and there you’ll find tools, information, pdfs, videos which costs thousands of dollars. You’ll learn pretty much everything and I must say you’d become a pro blogger and an SEO specialist overnight by just watching the Empower Network Bonus videos.

Want a solid proof? Watch this webinar and be amazed how this system works

Get More Leads and Traffic With Empower Network

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Change Your Confession To Change Your Life

empower network

Change Your Confession To Change Your Life

Most people don’t spend a lot of time thinking about their tongues.

But tongues reveal a great deal about a person.

In eastern cultures, doctors don’t just take a pulse. They also look at your tongue.
They believe that not only your health, but also your entire life can be “read” from your tongue.

I’d tend to agree but with a slight twist.

Let me explain.

I went to see a hypnotist body worker this week. While we were talking he said
to me…

“Elysse, people come into their office and all they do is complain. Their shoulder hurts. Their back aches. Their neck is tight. Why don’t people come in and tell me what’s going right in their lives?”

I thought about how his statement applies to people in general.

A lot of people like to complain. They do not change their confession… These are poor people.

They complain because they believe they can’t change things.

They complain because they feel they’ve been dealt a bad deal in life.

They complain because they want to “share the love” or negativity.

Rich people rarely complain….

They take action.

When the stock market crashed, what did rich people do? They looked for another place to invest their money.

When the real estate market tanked, what did rich people do? They sought to buy houses at rock-bottom prices.

But poor people don’t take action – they just complain. And complain.

They do not change their confession…therefore they have what they say!

But you can do something else with your tongue.

You can find something POSITIVE to say… and as we say, like attracts like.

When you speak positive, you attract positive.

And if you want to change your mindset, start by changing your confession and watch how it can change your life.





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Crude Awakening….Look For Higher Gas Prices…Need Another Income Source?

I just left the gas station and Yikes…… $88 to fill my tank. That’s more than doubled when I bought my truck back in 2006. I love my truck…. It’s paid for…. I get the warm fuzzies just driving it…. Besides, it’s so big it makes me look skinnier. Love looking skinny.

Is there relief in sight? In March, gas prices hovered higher than any previous year. In 2009, just three years ago the price at the pump, was a mere $2.07; now at last check that number has reached $3.86.

If you’re in California, Oregon, or New York, or half a dozen other states, you’re probably already paying over four dollars a gallon. Ouch.
Let’s take a look and see if there is a solution for a better way to save at the pump. Is it possible to eke out a few more miles from what’s already in your tank? These suggestions might help.

  • If you’re on a budget, look for more fuel-efficient vehicles; but don’t spend $30,000 on a vehicle just to save a few pennies at the pump.  Observe the the posted speed limits. Typically, cars that are the most efficient, keep their speed between 25 miles an hour to 60 miles an hour… every mile an hour over that 60 mile an hour number drives up your costs to an additional $.24 at the pump.
  • If it’s possible, walk or ride a bicycle.I really like this idea, except on a rainy day…. Which become bad hair days. Most trips occur within 2 miles of home, and the working population which consists of 50% commutes 5 miles or less to work each day. Many Canadians and Americans own bicycles, however, they use them significantly less than do any citizens of other countries.
  • If your vehicle has exterior racks remove unnecessary cargo when traveling. If you empty your trunk and you remove your roof rack and carry all items that you need to haul safely inside your car you’ll reduce when resistance which hikes up the need to refuel, as well as the price.
  • Make sure your car is in tip top condition. Poorly maintained or inefficient engines can use up a significantly greater amounts of gasoline than well cared for vehicles. When you fuel up use the recommended motor oil with the right gasoline octane levesl and keep your engine properly maintained. It is in your pocket books best interest to change your oil regularly and get a tuneup.
  • Efficiency is the key when you’re driving. This means avoiding sudden stops and rapid accelerations, as well as unnecessarily idling and jackrabbit starts. If you can use your overdrive gears and cruise control. This will help out tremendously. And if you can combine errands and carpool you can equalize the upsurge in price at the pumps.
  • Tire inflation that is not at the recommended amounts can spike up your gas bill by as much as 33%! In addition under inflated tires wear out more quickly as well as reduce your gas mileage.

With the rising cost of gasoline fuel charges more and more families are looking to add a Plan B…Stop what you’re doing right now…. Click on this link…. and check this out!


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Unsure If You’re Having A Middle Age Crisis?

empower network

Unsure if you’re in a middle age crisis?


Perhaps you have had a few of these ideas….

  • You are seriously considering “The buffet table and early bird specials” when planning your next trip to Las Vegas.
  • You hate looking in the mirror and seeing your mother or father.
  • Your husband or wife isn’t attractive to you any longer (and Stacey or John in accounting certainly is!)
  • Your never made time for your dream cross country tour together with your buddies and your day dreaming about it.
  • Your libido is waning or else you cannot go…go…go to heaven the way you did a couple of years back.
  • You drifted apart from your husband or wife and do not share the same passion or the same enthusiasm for life anymore.
  • You flirt a lot more than before….it doesn’t do any good…you’re still that old dude…ouch.
  • You once were the most joyful person in the room, now your joy fights bouts with depression.
  • Your midsection is flabby regardless of how much you diet or exercise
  • You think much more about yesteryear compared to future.
  • Your hair is thinning or gone…it disappeared down the drain and under the covers,

If you are plagued by any of the fore mentioned….YES…. you are in the throes of a mid-life crisis!

A mid-life crisis can’t be treated like every problem or challenge formerly experienced. There’s no article, book, or therapy session which will repair it all today. Seeing a fantasy ball game, camping or going across the nation on Harley’s together with your buddies will not repair it simply by itself either.
To emerge from this phase in a healthier state of mind, to feel more powerful and happier, one will have to reflect, grow, and pre-plan their personal journey.

Listed here are 8 guidelines to help you cry rejoice or….if you choose… stay miserable:

  1. Start… if you’re not already reading through tales about success! Whenever a person in MLC (middle age crisis) reads about some 15 year old understanding how to fly…or some 26 year old billionaire, it’s not only a serious exception, it can make normal people aspire to be better after they let go of the mixed feelings of wonder and envy which hopefully will make them reflective rather than resentful.
  2. Take a while every single day to mirror, think, and contemplate…. Listen, your existence might be at a crossroad… however, you choose your thoughts and you can channel them productively, when and if the bluebird of poop tweets you’re not as good or as young or good looking as you used to be.
  3. Certainly do more exercise. Your MLC is not the end of the world…though it does seem to moving faster than your Nike’s.
  4. The greater you are converting your frustration and anxiety into significant exercise, the greater you’ll feel.
  5. Cry every now and then …the release is cleansing and cathartic…Allow yourself to download your old junk…and replace it with a new goal.
  6. Look for a person or venue to vent…really vent. Of all of the things that can make you feel better temporarily (including workout, basket weaving, or yoga) a chance to talk, scream, or simply expel the garbage from your mind is essential. A lot of us often ponder exactly the same garbage again and again within our brains. Dumping individual ideas either in writing, to some counselor, or perhaps a non-judgmental friend… is essential. (NOTE: Don’t dump an excessive amount of in your buddy, or else you may bore them and send them running, though they may pretend to be looking after your garbage. Or worse, they might open and share how their existence is much more miserable than yours!)
  7. Read a couple of articles on middle age transformation (Eastern philosophy…the Bible). The term middle age crisis can only be used like a Western reference.
  8. It is not a real crisis within the grand plan in the end. You have not lost your children and siblings inside a Nazi concentration camping. In truth it is simply our society has paved the way to have A Lot of spare time, which you could really use to your advantage, if you wish to. Our great grandfathers were too busy working 90 hrs. Each week to focus on what was missing or lacking in their lives.

Your circumstances provide you with the GIFT of a second existence. Determine to bless others, Dream Big, and GWG. (Go with God.)




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Yikes….Student Loans Could Double Soon.

I have a daughter in college and growing up is tough enough without the worries of tuition doubling. With three years in and one to go at a private university…We thought we were prepared …and now there is a possibility of a major financial expenditure we did not anticipate.

This article from Fox News is a real eye opener.

Money 101 Written by Published March 26, 2012 FOXBusiness

The total amount of outstanding student loan debt exceeded $ 1 trillion last week, and that number appears only set to grow as tuition rates continue to rise and federal and state funding for school drops.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau reported that student loan debt topped $1 trillion—nearly 16% higher than an estimate by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York earlier this year.

And there’s more bad news: Students borrowing money from the government may face an increased interest rate on their loans if Congress doesn’t act soon.

Lawmakers must decide by June 30 whether or not to continue the provision from the 2007 passing of The College Cost Reduction and Access Act, which reduces subsidized Stafford student loan interest rates to 3.4% from 6.8% over a four-year period for families needing financial assistance. If this provision isn’t extending, students and their families will see their loan interest rates climb to 6.8%.

Nearly eight million students use subsidized loan to help pay for college, but the nation’s growing deficit is forcing Congress to cut to funding in many areas, including money for higher education, says Mark Kantrowitz, publisher of and

“We’re effectively in what is called a ‘zero sum game,’ where any increases in spending in one area require cuts in another area.”

Read: Saving for Tuition vs. Retirement: Which is More Important?

Democratic Rep. Joe Courtney of Connecticut, who has introduced legislation preventing the rate hike, says he has seen a powerful reaction to the provision on both sides of the aisle, as well as from the American public.

“We know that if the rates double, interest costs are going to add another $5,000 to $10,000 on graduates’ student loan debt and that’s something that I think students and families see much clearer frankly than the budget rules of Washington,” he says.

What this means for students

According to consumer group U.S. PIRG, borrowers taking out the maximum $23,000 in subsidized student loans over four years will see their interest increase by $5,200 over a 10-year repayment period and $11,300 over a 20-year repayment period.

Spencer Pritchard, a freshman studying political economics at UC Berkeley, is currently borrowing the first year maximum $3,500 in subsidized Stafford loans, and expects to borrow the maximum every subsequent year of his college tenure. If interest rates double, Spencer would be looking at paying around $4,000 in loans once he graduates.

“This may require me to take a job that I otherwise would not take–I am interested in community organizing, which is usually a low-paying job, but if I am swamped in debt then I might have to choose a more lucrative job offer that would otherwise not be my first choice,” he says. “Holding more debt would also deter me from making big decisions such as buying a home, car or getting married until further in the future.”

Read: Student Loan Grace Period Over: Now What?

Some experts argue that allowing the interest rate on subsidized loans to double again may deter students from seeking out federal student loans and turn to private loans, which could lead to even higher debt amounts as these loans are rarely capped and tend to have higher rates.

“I’m quite sure there will still be a substantial amount of people who are willing to take on the debt even at a higher interest rate and that’s kind of a mixed bag because we want people to go to school but we also want them to be able to be successful when they’re repaying those loans,” student loan expert Heather Jarvis says.

Effects of the provision

Kantrowitz explains that even if Congress keeps interest rates at 3.4% on Stafford loans, the Pell Grant program, has a high chance of getting terminated.

The Pell program allows lower-income students to borrow a maximum of $5, 550 for the 2011-12 award year (July 1, 2011, to June 30, 2012) without repayment.

“Realistically you’re pitting one aid program against another, and given the choice of cutting grants and making the loans less expensive or letting the interest rates go up, the lesser of the two evils is to allow the interest rates to increase,” he says.

Jarvis says that should the rates increase again, students having difficulty repaying their loans will have to rely on programs like the extended repayment plan or the Income Based Repayment plan.

“There would be far more people facing delinquency or default on their student loans without the availability of income based repayment,” she says. “[It] is a relatively new protection and it is still very underused and should be talked about more in schools and amongst the loan servicers.”

Students are listening up as their future debt situation hangs in the balance. US PIRG is reporting that they have delivered 130,000 letters to Congressional leaders from students asking them for their support to extend the interest rate cuts.

Courtney says that more co-sponsors are lining up to support the bill and that they will continue to push it to prevent rates from doubling.

“This is not the magic bullet to solve all of the problems,” he says. “Having said that, there’s no question that we have a very clear choice with a very clear deadline facing us in terms of whether or not all of the negative trends that we’re seeing in terms of rising student loan debt is going to be compounded if we don’t act.
Read more:

As parents we want the best for our kids. This is of vital concern to all of us with children in…entering or planning on attending colleges that will foot the full or a portion of the bill themselves.

Concerned parent,

Elysse Curry


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I Saw An Unsettling Cartoon Today…

Empower Network

I Saw An Unsettling Cartoon Today..

It read… “I just realized I can double your workload and there’s nothing you can do about it…you’re lucky to have a job in today’s economy! You’ll gladly sacrifice your personal lives for no extra pay! But at least your hard work will lead to promotional opportunities for me…so said the boss.”

After reading that cartoon I released a heavy sigh of relief. I’m so thankful I work from home… However, even when working from home and you’re in a situation where your business is expanding and it requires you to handle a heavier workload. You may want to consider hiring a personal assistant. Your life will dramatically change for the better, if you find the right person.

What is a personal assistant? A true personal assistant is someone who’s totally dedicated to you. They’re not a receptionist, secretary, or someone who shares duties with two or three other people. This person is exceptional at helping you free up all the mundane jobs that clutter up your week.

They are brilliant in their activities so that you can focus entirely on what you’re brilliant at. I dreamed of having this person in my life… In fact I’m still on the hunt for my perfect match….Although I work with a virtual assistant that has been very effective and efficient…I say that because you have to be careful in the selection of a key person because it’s critical to your future health. If you select the wrong person, which I did…. I compounded my problems and magnified my frustration.

I strongly suggest that you have a profile made up with the ideal candidate before you start your campaign selection. Do not select someone just because you like them. (Which I did.) Of course you want someone that will be competent in their skills….and you do want to like them, but there are other points that are worth noting.

If you are a controller. Your typical mindset says that nobody can do things as well as you can. And to an extent this may be true. But if your assistant can do these tasks 70% as well initially, with proper training and good communication your well-chosen assistant will eventually be able to do all these activities as well as you and may even outperform you in many of them.

A, great question to ask yourself is how much am I worth per hour? I can remember a time starting out when I was putting in 80 hour weeks. Hopefully your dollar figure is high…and you have come to a realization that you’re running around doing low income activities, and it’s time to give them up!

So if you’re going to work with a personal assistant it’s absolutely imperative at least once a week you schedule time with your personal assistant to discuss your agenda.

The number one thing to remember and the most critical….. is to communicate. Lack of communication is the number one reason potentially great relationships fall apart. As you and your new partner come to learn each others systems. Let them know the key people that you want to spend time with. Here, an assistant can protect you from all potential distractions and interruptions by setting up screening methods.

If you have a great assistant. They may be able to organize and create better ways to help you function in and out of the office. It’s a thing of beauty when this happens.

I’m going to share with you in a future post how I was able to overcome some of the awful time wasters that bugged me big time and that may plague you as well. What you will learn will help you feel more relaxed and able to enjoy life. I am so thankful I found this book The Power of Focus..The Power of Focus: What the World’s Greatest Achievers Know about The Secret to Financial Freedom & Success
I hope you focus on having a great weekend…I plan too.




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Facebook…..Getting Personal With B2B Marketing

Life has been a little bit crazy this week. Taking new classes in Marketing….My daughter’s coming home from college, and her host family from Germany is coming in to spend the weekend with us… and in all the craziness….I am very thankful.

As I become more acquainted with Facebook from the prospective as a business owner, I have determined that business-to-business marketing can be a success if you embrace it as a vehicle to connect with and interact with your prospects and customers.

To recap Yesterday’s post, we discussed that there are five areas to conquer that will make this marketing method a success.

We covered number one …you want to make sure before they get your love…. you get their “like.” And Two… Make sure you integrate your lead generation with “likes.”

Today were going to look at three other components that will make Facebook rock in your lead generating funnel.


Create a contest or sweepstakes. A great way to attract fans is by using this strategy. You pick your prize….Carefully. Think about what sort of prizes might work for business-to-business companies. If you have a specific audience, what finite appeal might grab that business and induce them to partner with you.

One company that did this very successfully was Elogua. They did a joint venture launch program with Empire Avenue, a virtual stock exchange. Those who ” liked” Eloqua were entered into a drawing for virtual currency on a gaming site.

The sweepstakes attracted lots of fans, but even more important, it attracted the right kind of fans. They determined that it was the right community because they had very little churn following the end of the sweepstakes.

Before you launch any Facebook contest or sweepstakes, a word of caution; read the fine print of Facebook’s promotional guidelines. A separate page must be administered for any promotions, either on a canvas page, or as an app on a page tab. You cannot collect entries, conduct a drawing or notify winners from your main Facebook wall. Go to for more information.


Understanding the algorithm. EdgeRank is an algorithm that Facebook uses to bury boring content. EdgeRank is used to determine what appears in news feeds.
In order to increase your visibility. It’s key to constantly update your Facebook presence with content that ignites interaction.

Updates work best. They are rooted in utility and creativity. Make sure to include something personal or fun in your updates now and again. You want to match the interests of the people you’re targeting with compelling, charming stuff that’s relevant.

  • No spewing of sales messages, create updates that offer real value.
  • Invite interaction…ask open-ended questions.
  • Tailor posts to various outlets at different times of the day. Don’t cross-post or auto-post the same content to multiple platforms.
  • Tell your story visually. EdgRing gives more weight to videos and photos than the text-only status updates. Limit your volume: no more than one or two posts a day. Make sure to include posting on weekends. That’s the time to reach fans who are not online much during the work week.


Out-of-the-box thinking…..focus outside of Facebook.

It can be significant to embed widgets and plug-ins into your business website. This is a brilliant way to increase engagement.

Your visibility can be augmented by sharing your offers with your friends and customers through e-mails and on your landing page, by integrating Facebook sharing icons. You can connect virally and create a following and loyalty using this simple strategy.

Tomorrow we are moving right along with The Power of Focus The Power of Focus: What the World’s Greatest Achievers Know about The Secret to Financial Freedom & Success
…. are you a starter or a finisher? See you.





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Facebook…Getting Personal…Behind Every Business Lead Is A Flesh And Blood Individual


Getting personal with business-to-business marketing. Can Facebook really generate leads for business-to-business companies? For many that try to attract and engage fans through the Facebook site, They have found it to be fundamentally awkward.

Indeed, Facebook can be a lonely place for business-to-business marketers, according to Elysse Curry , founder of Curry Communications and Medical Media Solutions, which is a marketing and advertising company directed at medical technology. The company is based in Brooksville, Florida.

Facebook is definitely not as natural a fit in business-to-business as it is for a static consumer brand. Business to business companies need to work a little harder and get a little more creative to have success.

By implementing the five strategies I will outline for you, you can expect to see a dramatic increase in lead generation.
What I am finding is business-to-business marketers are increasing. We are looking to Facebook as a content distribution and engagement channel. In 2011 70% of business-to-business marketers used Facebook to share content with their networks, a 30% increase over the previous year, according to a study by MarketingProfs in partnership with the content marketing Institute.

What I found fascinating is there really is a key to finding success for your business to business clients on Facebook.

As you embrace the idea of a rich network that allows you to connect with prospects and customers…. In other words, actual people. Even though your business caters to other businesses…. You might sell roofing supplies commercially the other businesses, or you might sell e-mail marketing services to nonprofits… There’s still one person or perhaps a series of people who will ultimately make the purchase. So as you move into some out-of-the-box thinking, even in B2B, the goal is to reach and engage the flesh and blood individuals.

Facebook is a really busy place. It has a larger population than any country in the world, except India and China. And according to Facebook, its citizens are highly active, exploring and visiting the site an average of 40 times per month for an average of 23 min. per visit.

That’s exciting news for business-to-business marketers. As businesses update they are competing with potentially far more compelling stuff like photos, party invites, and inquisitive “what does that cute hot guy from high school look like now?”

Regardless, Facebook can work quite well for many business-to-business companies. I’m going to share five ways to use Facebook to increase and generate leads as well as connect with future clients through engagement.
This is critical to note… For any of these ideas to be effective, your company must have a business page, not just in individual profile. ( For guidance, see


Even though you want them to love you get the “LIKE” First.

It’s crucial to get your potential leads to “like” your page before you can engage them further. In all likelihood, less than 1% of your Facebook fans will ever return to your business page. Most are likely to engage with your business content through their news feeds.
After you create and design your Facebook page. It will lay the groundwork for building awareness and establishing trust. In addition, it will offer a regular platform for promoting sales, sharing content, and rewarding fans with special deals.
Incorporating links, calls to action, and sign-up forms that will link back to your website will all support your lead generation campaign.

When using social marketing for business-to-business. The B2B Social Media Book. The B2B Social Media Book: Become a Marketing Superstar by Generating Leads with Blogging, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Email, and More is a handbook you don’t want to develop without. Jeffrey L. Cohn site software developer for Brainshark does an effective job attracting the “Likes.”


Integrated leads with the likes.

This can be done easily by offering a free information rich e-book or video in exchange for contact info. Once visitors like the page they will be directed to a sign-up form a.k.a. opt in page before being directed to the free item.

By regular sharing of your content through media like-books, White papers, and webinars within your Facebook content stream, you remind your fans of the usefulness and effectiveness of your content by offering snippets and solid link’s via posts that emphasize the material itself vs. sales driven sign-up now directives.

One Magical component in social media marketing involves packing your Facebook presence with useful content, that communicates the brand’s value: a productive way to do this is by using PDF’s boasting collection of Facebook success stories, client logos, videos and more. and of course, your lead magnet is your newsletter sign up.

Tomorrow we will look at creating contests, understanding algorithms, and thinking outside of Facebook to get leads for your business. See ya then.

To your success,



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The power of focus

Brilliance is it a color…Personal accomplishment… Or something else… Read on to find out.

Priority focus works. I know it to be true. Having been unfocused for the the majority of my teenage and college years…focus brings a measure of sanity to a landscape of life that many times bordered on chaos and disorganization.

My friends and my family have affectionately noted that this was a part of my personality that was the least attractive to them. My husband often hinted no actually out right stated that my A.D.D. made him a little crazy….but he was willing to take the good with the bad as he’d promised until death do us part, and sometimes the death part he found very appealing. (just kidding.)

I can tell you since implementing this program. The Power of Focus Workshop. The Power of Focus: What the World’s Greatest Achievers Know about The Secret to Financial Freedom & Success
I’ve experienced dramatic jumps in productivity as well as income. I discovered a practical method, that made it easy to clarify my unique talents… And that’s one word Mike says definitely describes me…. unique.

One of the things I had to buckle down and take inventory of was, what was really going on during my typical week. This reality check is usually very revealing. Basically, you make a list of all the activities you usually work on in a typical week.

When I added up the total of all my activities it was close to 34. You can’t do 34 things each week and be totally focused. Even 20 activities is far too many. I was scattered and more prone to interruptions and distractions.

I was in shock when I analyzed how much of my week was fragmented, overwhelmed, and out-of-control. I was stressed out and unfairly witchy to my family. I think it was a Godsend that I picked up this book…The Power of Focus: What the World’s Greatest Achievers Know about The Secret to Financial Freedom & Success
….. It was screaming to me from the shelf in the airport bookstore when I was flying out for a speaking engagement.

I devoured the first few chapters, and the simplicity of what they were recommending, hit me upside the head like a 2 x 4.

Create a time log. Simply record everything you do at 15 minute intervals. Keep a notebook with you and do this for for five days and you will have a super accurate record. This takes a little discipline, but you’ll find it’s well worth the effort. This will clearly demonstrate how you are investing or wasting your time.

Remember the definition of brilliance we discussed in an earlier post? These are the activities that you do effortlessly, they give you energy, and produce the greatest results in income for your business. So the next step is to list three things that you are brilliant at doing in your business. Critical point here… are any of them directly involved in income generating activities? If not, you probably need to make some major decisions in the near future.

This question gets three stars…. In a typical week what percentage of your time do you spend on your brilliant activities? And be honest. Often the answer is 15 to 25%. Even if 60% of any percent of your time is being used profitably, there’s still a lot of room for improvement. What if you could refine this to 80 or 90%? Remember your bottom line income is directly linked to the amount of time you spend in your areas of brilliance.

The size of your opportunities in life will be determined by your level of brilliance.

Next, you want to look at your original list of weekly activities and select three things that you don’t like doing, resist doing or are just no good at. There’s no shame in admitting that you have a few weaknesses. I have a smorgasbord of them. I hate paperwork, bookkeeping, setting up appointments… doing follow-up calls. But those are all things that drive my business and all the little details that bring the project to completion are usually found on that list. So of course these need to be done, but not necessarily by me. Hallelujah.

If these activities tend to drain your energy instead of expanding it, and if this is as true for you as it was for me. Wake up…. When you keep on doing work you detest you need to remind yourself that this is futile. I love how the well-known speaker Rosita Perez explains it! “When the horse is dead, get off! Stop flogging yourself.” There are other options.

We will look at some of those options in an upcoming post.

Pick up a copy of their book “The Power of Focus”….Identify your unique talents by taking he priority focus workshop. The Power of Focus: What the World’s Greatest Achievers Know about The Secret to Financial Freedom & Success




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