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Where Did My Month Go?

Febuary Sky 153

Febuary Sky 153—Warren Brown Photography (


[kc_heading_one size=”28″ color=”#000000″]Where Did The month Go?[/kc_heading_one]


I blinked and the month end is here.

Still so much to do….people to see and  lives to change.  I feel Spring in the air. A bike trip is on the horizon and a new month will kick off with me in Mobile.

The Swatter February 19 Febuary 25 Daily Gazette

The Swatter February 19 Febuary 25. By Daily Gazette February 27 2013. Investigation. Date Tuesday February 19. Time 6 35 p. m. Location Bond Memorial and Lodges Synopsis A female student reported a verbal confrontation with her.…

The Mommy’s Guide Febuary 25th-March 3rd 2013

Monday February 25th. National Chili Day I won’t tell you how I make it and I won’t even try and give you a recipe. Chili making is a very serious thing. National Chocolate Covered Nuts Day The LI Puppet Theater has three.…

Alyeska Snow Classic Kicks Off Febuary 15th Four Valleys

Alyeska Snow Classic Kicks Off Febuary 15th February 15 2013 by C McDermott. Press Contact Lynne Doran info ph 907.783.0771. Alyeska Snow Classic Board Member. www.…

PHOTOFILE Febuary 2013

Click here to launch the carousel. 2013 is moving very fast this month is already started kicking it off with our first killer PHOTOFILE of the year featuring the lens work from Luke Darigan Messex Aaron Forjan Saeed.…


Happy Valentine’s Day!

 I love Valentine’s Day… 28 years married to my best friend…and it’s always a day of anticipation and surprise.

Hope You day is out of the ordinary!!

Happy Valentine\'s Day

Through the years this day has stood as a monument to the ideal of  Love. Lets take a look through the eyes of babes.

Happy Valentine’s Day, May it be filled with love and laughter.

 Other news about Valentine’s Day

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ABC News blog Dark Chocolate Trend Making Valentine’s Day Healthier. ABC News blog Today could be the healthiest Valentine’s Day on record with more Americans than ever reaching for dark chocolate over milk chocolate experts say. Heightened public awareness about the health benefits of dark chocolate has turned what used to be seen Happy Valentine’s Day Now about that chocolate VOXXI. Japanese women not men pack stores for ValentinesJamaica Observer. all 115 news articles.…

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Why Die Hard is the perfect Valentine’s Day movie for guys CNN. So it may seem strange to release the new Die Hard installment A Good Day to Die Hard on Valentine’s Day. But for our money it makes perfect sense. Where The Notebook is the gold standard for women the original Die Hard is the ultimate.…

Nine Things Women Actually Want for Valentines Day Daily Beast

Daily Beast. Nine Things Women Actually Want for Valentines Day. Daily Beast. Just picture this fantasy It’s Valentine’s Day and Rihanna announces preferably on live television that she is leaving Brown for good. She tells her fans it is never OK for their partner to hit them. She asks to stand under our umbrellas reassures and more.…

5 things not to do on Valentine’s Day from a die-hard romantic who’s been Fox News

U. S. News World Report. 5 things not to do on Valentine’s Day from a die-hard romantic who’s been Fox News. to have been married and divorced four times. After several decades on this Earth I’ve learned a few things about love and romance. Here are five things not to do on Valentine’s Day that day of romance that was really made up to sell cards by CHARTS The Economics of Valentine’s DayU. S. News World Report. Valentine’s Day spending Men vs. womenCNNMoney. 8 Companies That Love Valentine’s Day 24 7 Wall St. Huffington Post. FOX News Radio KLAS-TV Savannah Morning News. all 400 news articles.…

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Seeing red on Valentine’s Day a 5 step survival guide for singles. Fox News. It is almost impossible to see anything but red on Valentine’s Day especially if you’re single every retail outlet ensures it. However as author of the internationally successful book The Single Girl’s Survival Guide I can tell you that there and more.…

Valentine’s Day is for pets too Detroit Free Press

First Coast News. Valentine’s Day is for pets too. Detroit Free Press. Seizing the opportunity to capitalize on these love-struck consumers pet retailers manufacturers and shelters have rolled out myriad Valentine’s Day-themed promotions that tout everything from adoptions to be mine logoed dog clothing to heart Pets win women’s hearts on Valentine’s DayPhiladelphia Inquirer blog all 28 news articles.…

Pakistani regulator warns media against promoting Valentine’s Day Washington Post blog

New York Times blog Pakistani regulator warns media against promoting Valentine’s Day. Washington Post blog Valentine’s Day is a source of controversy this week in Pakistan where Islamists have staged protests against the holiday and regulators have asked media to honor viewers sentiments and official media codes in restraining any holiday-themed programs. Valentine’s Day under attack in PakistanUSA TODAY. Don’t You Be My ValentineNew York Times blog Valentine’s Day sparks celebrations protests in PakistanReuters. Al-Arabiya Deutsche Welle. all 21 news articles.…

Some Times No News Is The Best News

Read the newspaper, Reading in the sun

Read the newspaper, Reading in the sun—Ed Yourdon (

Steve has such a wonderful folksy witty wisdom….and there are times he just nails you with the truth. thank you for todays insights.

Sales Training Tip: Choose What You Allow Into Your Mind Carefully

A front page headline on USA TODAY read:

90% of the ocean’s edible species may be gone by 2048, study finds
Having Hurricane Irene and the worry over the coming of the 2nd recession isn’t enough. They have to devote half their front page to scaring us about the potential scarcity of Mrs. Paul’s fish sticks thirty- seven years from now.

Since I will most likely be dead none of this really matters to me. I find the reading of the daily paper taking less and less time – no more than the drinking of one cup of coffee. The reason – most of what is in there is of no interest to me and has no bearing on the achievement of my goals. Some may say this selfish and I would plead guilty but successfully guilty.

These headlines and stories are nothing new. My first recollection of this type stuff was The Population Bomb, a best-selling book, written by Paul R. Ehrlich and his wife, Anne Ehrlich, in 1968. It warned of the mass starvation of humans in the 1970s and 1980s. Didn’t happen. And then we had Y2K and the whole idea that all there would be a technological meltdown. Didn’t happen.

Scientists, psychics, cult leaders, politicians and ignorant, irresponsible journalists have frequently predicted the end of life as we know it – starvation and famine, flood, asteroid attack, the earth veering from its axis, killer bees, or – the latest – mad cow disease, etc. – and they have all been wrong.

God knows how many times one religious group or another has declared that the end of the world was near. So far nothing, nada has happened. Now we have the fruitcakes who are saying that the ancient Mayan calendar predicts the end of the world in 2012 – that is if the sunspots don’t get us first. Geez, you would think the public would wise up to this journalistic hype and realize that that all this does is sell newspapers and books and get government money for wacky research.

Eventually something, maybe an asteroid will get us and those left will say, “see I told you so”.

I council my sales training clients to be wise and not pay attention to any of this hype and clog their brain with this useless dribble. If you are really, really smart, you will be ruthless about NOT paying attention to anything that doesn’t advance you toward your goals, enhance your important skills, or inspire and motivate you to be your best self and achieve your greatest ambitions.

Hobbies don’t count and you get a pass because everyone needs escape from the nose to the grindstone relentless toil that it takes to become rich and achieve total personal autonomy to do what you want, when you want, with whom you want.

Anything that does not achieve this goal has to be filtered out. Blocked. Ignored. Just because USA TODAY feels compelled to fill its front page with silly, decidedly unscientific drivel, with scary stuff about the future-without-fish, does NOT mean you must swallow it.

Wishing you all the success you have the guts to grab!

 Steve Clark
“The Sales Psychologist”
Author of Profitable Persuasion 
Co-Author of Secrets of Peak Performers