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Happy Memorial Day!


Memorial Day 2009, empower network
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Memorial Day weekend is here….

It will be nostalgic for me. My Dad Survived 3 wars. World War Two, Korea, and Vietnam as a fighter pilot in the Air Force. He was an amazing man and died of Cancer at 83. I really miss him. He always paid homage to his friends and comrades that didn’t return home from combat with him. Dad was a wonderful story teller, and could captivate us with the adventures he enjoyed that belonged in an era of days gone by. He led a life that was full and robust. His exploits and adventures played out in the telling like a movie unfolding on the screen. Action, danger and a dash of humor made him seem larger than life. I am blessed to have had him as an example in everything from work ethic, community service, and yes he inspired me as he was an entrepreneur.

Who Invented Memorial Day Huffington Post

National Geographic. Who Invented Memorial Day Huffington Post. Three years later General John Logan issued a special order that May 30 1868 be observed as Decoration Day the first Memorial Day a day set aside for the purpose of strewing with flowers or otherwise decorating the graves of comrades who died in Memorial Day How It’s Changed Why Some Oppose 3-Day Weekend National Geographic. Memorial Day Some facts you should know Albany Times Union. Memorial Day thoughts Russellville Courier. Forbes Seattle Post Intelligencer blog Allentown Morning Call. all 158 news articles.…

Memorial Day Remembering fallen of decade at war The Associated Press

The Associated Press. Memorial Day Remembering fallen of decade at war. The Associated Press. As the nation approaches its 11th Memorial Day since the United States launched the Global War on Terror Kraehe and others fear many have done just that. About 2.2 million US service members have seen duty in the Middle Eastern war zones and more.…

As Memorial Day Nears a Single Image That Continues to Haunt New York Times blog

New York Times blog As Memorial Day Nears a Single Image That Continues to Haunt. New York Times blog By LILY BURANA Memorial Day. The unofficial kickoff to summer. Barbecues sizzling. Lawn sprinklers hissing. Local marching bands tooting out Sousa. Red white and blue bunting hanging from the porch railings and on TV someone begins a recitation of.…




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Survival Miracles

Seagull-empowert network

  Survival Miracles. Thanks to Scott Houston for sharing this great message.

An Old Guy And A Bucket Of Shrimp This is a true story, hope you appreciate it and want to pass it along.

It happened every Friday evening, almost without fail,

when the sun resembled a giant orange and was starting to dip into the blue

Old Ed came strolling along the beach to his favorite pier.. Clutched in
his bony hand was a bucket of shrimp.

Ed walks out to the end of the pier, where it seems he almost has the world
to himself.

The glow of the sun is a golden bronze now.

Everybody’s gone, except for a few joggers on the beach.

Standing out on the end of the pier, Ed is alone with his thoughts…and
his bucket of shrimp.

Before long, however, he is no longer alone.

Up in the sky a thousand white dots come screeching and squawking,

winging their way toward that lanky frame standing there on the end of the

Before long, dozens of seagulls have enveloped him, their wings fluttering
and flapping wildly.

Ed stands there tossing shrimp to the hungry birds.

As he does, if you listen closely, you can hear him say with a smile,
‘Thank you. Thank you.’

In a few short minutes the bucket is empty. But Ed doesn’t leave.

He stands there lost in thought, as though transported to another time and

When he finally turns around and begins to walk back toward the beach, a
few of the birds hop along the pier with him until he gets to the stairs,
and then they, too, fly away. And old Ed quietly makes his way down to the end
of the beach and on home.

If you were sitting there on the pier with your fishing line in the water,

Ed might seem like ‘a funny old duck,’ as my dad used to say.

Or, ‘a guy who’s a sandwich shy of a picnic,’ as my kids might say.

To onlookers, he’s just another old codger, lost in his own weird world,
feeding the seagulls with a bucket full of shrimp.

To the onlooker, rituals can look either very strange or very empty.

They can seem altogether unimportant …. Maybe even a lot of nonsense.

Old folks often do strange things, At least in the eyes of Boomers and Busters.

Most of them would probably write Old Ed off, down there in Florida .

That’s too bad. They’d do well to know him better.

His full name: Eddie Rickenbacker.

He was a famous hero back in World War II.

On one of his flying missions across the Pacific, he and his seven-member
crew went down.

Miraculously, all of the men survived, crawled out of their plane, and
climbed into a life raft.

Captain Rickenbacker and his crew floated for days on the rough waters of
the Pacific.

They fought the sun. They fought sharks. Most of all, they fought hunger.

By the eighth day their rations ran out. No food. No water.

They were hundreds of miles from land and no one knew where they were.

They needed a miracle.

That afternoon they had a simple devotional service and prayed for a

They tried to nap. Eddie leaned back and pulled his military cap over his

Time dragged. All he could hear was the slap of the waves against the

Suddenly, Eddie felt something land on the top of his cap.
It was a seagull!

Old Ed would later describe how he sat perfectly still, planning his next

With a flash of his hand and a squawk from the gull, he managed to grab it
and wring its neck..

He tore the feathers off, and he and his starving crew made a meal –

a very slight meal for eight men – of it.

Then they used the intestines for bait..

With it, they caught fish, which gave them food and more bait……

and the cycle continued. With that simple survival technique,

they were able to endure the rigors of the sea until they were found and
rescued (after 24 days at sea…).

Eddie Rickenbacker lived many years beyond that ordeal, but he never forgot
the sacrifice of that first life-saving seagull..

And he never stopped saying, ‘Thank you.’

That’s why almost every Friday night he would walk to the end of the pier
with a bucket full of shrimp and a heart full of gratitude.

Reference: (Max Lucado, “In The Eye of the Storm”,
Pp..221, 225-226)

PS: Eddie started Eastern Airlines.

Great story, and it’s true!

More True Stories.





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Happy Mothers Day!

happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day!

Though it has been three years since Mom went on to her next great adventure…I miss her continually and treasure all the great memories, and mementos.

She left a legacy of tradition, generational photo albums and the family’s heritage cataloged and spirally bound for her children, grandchildren, and generations to come.

As the day winds down I sit reflecting of my life half lived…. the good times, the bad times…all the in betweens…are sandwiched with laughter, tears, errors, tragedy, co-mingled with hope.

Hope is such a funny word. Yet any event, circumstance or deed started with the seed of hope.

It is an intrinsic value that I hold dear. And no matter what is going on in my life. I have a childish optimistic hope. I know the plans that God has for me and they are plans to prosper me and give me a future of hope.

And I am so hopeful for the future.

A warm breeze stirs the trees, and the sound of mowing in the distance breaks into my reminiscing. I’m thankful my mother-in-law is still with us, She is a spunky gal full of wit, wisdom, and charming stories of days gone by. We’ve shared 28 Mother’s Days, I will drive up to visit her Monday and login our 29th.

Of all the gifts that have been given and received throughout the years on Mother’s Day. Some of my favorites have been:


  •  A clay ashtray my daughter fashioned and painted.
  • Jewelry and necklaces she made from beads and glass.
  • Flowers she picked and arranged with love.
  • Meals she and Mike prepared.
  • Cards that were so original… they either had me laughing or crying.
  • My favorite perfume that she loved to smell on me.
  • A potholder she  me made from weaving string.
  • Phones calls telling me she loves me and misses me.

Nothing expensive or elaborate…..A dinner date just the two of us and a movie…..and the most treasured are the phone calls.

It doesn’t matter what type of day I’ve had. The interruption in my busy day to see that it’s my girl always quickens my heart.

This Video reminds me somewhat of us….it certainly chocked me up and made me smile.

I hope your Mother’s Day is filled with family, fun and laughter…and if you don’t have any family near, go share with a forgotten Mom in a nursing home...that is how we will wind down our day.

God Bless you and Happy Mother’s Day.

More inspiration for Moms:

I love thinking of Mother’s Day as a celebration of all women who nurture. Here’s hoping we all get a little extra love back this weekend And a little tip if you get a flower arrangement don’t over water your blooms Two or three.…

Happy Mother’s Day Slideshow 05 11
Happy Mother’s Day Music’s Best and Worst Moms PHOTOS
HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY Very Demotivational The Demotivational Have a Happy Mother’s Day-and don’t let anyone else tell you

Mother’s Day News: Tis The Weekend For Happy Mother’s Day Wishes WebProNews




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Get Inspired Read And Watch Stories That Choke You Up

I know for me, something happens to my body’s chemistry when I read or watch an inspiring story that tightens my throat with emotion…has me squirming in discomfort…and floods my eyes with tears. My thoughts can be chaotic with embarrassment if I am in a crowd…somebody might see, or the heart felt release that patty cakes with joy because I am just so darned inspired…overcome…filled with…you know…fill in your own blank.

I am reminded that I have a choice every morning when I wake up…to plant that first thought that will set the stage to impact the outcome of my attitude for the day…good or bad. When the first thought that bombards me is negative I have grown in my ability to release it immediately and replace it with a prayer of gratitude.

One of my favorite sites I go to inspire me is Guideposts

The world is filled with inspirational stories of everyday people who find themselves in life or death situations and miraculously live to tell about it. They overcome life-threatening illnesses, survive tornadoes and floods and other close calls. But these real-life survival stories are more than tales of endurance; they are inspiring stories about miracles and the faith and hope that sustain us in times of crisis.

The decisive action and courage, the perseverance and tenacity that lead to happy endings in each of these survival stories, you will find at the website are sure to lift your spirit and strengthen your faith.

Two Stories: One Lifts My Heart, the Other Breaks It
By Edward Grinnan, March 23, 2012

Among the many big news stories that blew up last week, the Peyton Manning to Denver and Tim Tebow to the New York Jets trades had the biggest boom, at least in these parts. Before you go thinking, Why would Tim Tebow play in such a godless town?, there are churches almost everywhere you go in Manhattan. I can see three from my twenty-first floor window at Guideposts right now.

If the city ever gets to be too much for him, Tim is welcome to shelter in our Midtown offices anytime. In fact I would love to talk to Tebow. The time is right for a Guideposts cover story.

People have always wanted us to do Tim, going back to his college days in Florida. The problem was, Tim was more or less perfect.

Nobody was better than Tebow and nobody had stronger faith. He was the Christian Golden Boy and that didn’t make for a very good Guideposts story. We like to see that people have to lean on their faith and use it when the going gets tough. But for Tim, everything seemed smooth as silk. I thought we might want to pursue Tim last year but I didn’t see a story there, either. Tim was doing quite well for a stretch of games and media access was restricted. I had to ask myself: Superstar Super Christian has it all? That isn’t a Guideposts story! READ THE REST OF THE STORY HERE.

12 Year Old Katie Tucker Inspires Me…See If  Her Story  Inspires You.

I attended a First Responders Dinner that  acknowledged two outstanding officers that truly have made a difference in their communities. Here are some more stories of bravery and selflessness that I hope inspire and touch you.


Awesome Teacher’s Make Inspiring Stories Free Scholarships Blog

Human physiological response to inspiring stories The Social

Hope you have an inspired day!




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New Marketing In 2012?


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New Marketing In 2012?

When my head hits the pillow  I am so stoked I learned something new in my marketing education… then used practical application to  perform my new lesson …a smile accompanies me to sleep and I wake up with that same smile ready for the next new adventure.

And it is an adventure. I tease my family that my head is exploding with all the new goodies I’m learning and my brain is forming tons of new phalanges…I can imagine them popping when I rewind a training  to make sure I digest the information.

With thousands of MLM companies  in existance all over the world,  the industry becomes confusing, daunting, and unfortunately, not all will ensure success.

Marketing changes everything.

However, with the proper company and with the proper outlook, success can never be far behind. We will look at several aspects from a marketing stand point and aside from finding a reputable company, you must also find the products of the company you have chosen to be reputable as well.

You must actually believe in the product of your company and you must actually use it. There are many ways to market…Some of these traditional methods are:

  • Television
  • Newspaper ads,
  • Flyers, signs and billboards,
  • Radio segments,
  • Direct mail advertisements
  • And face to face presentations.

Although these are great ways to get the business names out into the community, it does offer major disadvantages. An ad in a newspaper can cost anywhere from 200 to 1500 or more depending on the location and the size of the ad. Since it is limited you must work hard and direct your budget to the largest audience possible for the lowest amount of money possible.  In fact, there are over twenty one hundred stateside MLM businesses just waiting for you to be a part of their company and sell their products or services.

I thought Riley made some interesting points in her video see if you agree.

Now, working from home is a great way to never step into an office building again or report to a boss. This does have its advantages because now you make your own business decisions. However, before becoming serious about working for an MLM, it is important for you to learn more about the company you want to become an associate with.

Finding a micro-niche, learning what those customers want, and finding a way to help them find the products they want is niche marketing. Internet niche marketing is selling products or information to those customers through online avenues. Nothing will turn a potential customer away faster than an Internet marketer who demonstrates a lack of understanding of what should be common language usage. You need to know what keywords your potential customers will use when they search for your product online. .

You can get great results with your marketing by writing articles and lots of them, and submitting them to article directories. At the end of the article, your resource box gives your name, some brief information, and links to your website.

Many People enjoy the casual, conversational style of blogs, and if they like yours well enough, they may even subscribe to it as an RSS feed.

Answering questions on forums that deal with a topic related to your website can also generate leads for you.  I submitted classified ads and  I had more links on my website, than Carter has pills. However I was soon shut down for over posting so I bought the top submission software and posted ads on classified ad sites, with lots of trash leads that  took up time and energy and amounted to nothing….ever run into those folks that want everything for nothing?

After a year of not really getting off the ground, I switched gears, took the loss and figured this home business stuff was not going to get the best of me……I was going to win. So in  Jan 2006 I started investigating home business ventures again, only this time I was going to do my research on home business’s  and suggest you do the same.

You can grab a copy of my FR.EE 12 critical success factors that have to be in place to create reliable income. You can get your copy by clicking here.

A great product does not a great business make. Keep that in mind as you move forward armed with your success factors blueprint.

To help your business succeed you need to decide on how you want to promote it.  You can choose to pay for advertising, or you can get free advertising by doing the work yourself through Article Marketing which I mentioned earlier and is one prong in my funnel to generate leads.

Your success will increase by making the title interesting, so the people will want to read your article. You also need to place keywords at the front, middle and at the end of your article. This is exactly where I fell short when I started some time ago. As you become a student of the industry, you begin to understand that this is about relationships. Establishing and growing a relationship are two different faces to the same coin. We will cover how to grow relationships in depth in a future post.
It may look easy to do the things necessary to become successful, but in reality it takes commitment and discipline.

The internet is incredible…Think about the reach you will have, it’s incredible Time zones, age, education level, hours of operation…the internet does not discriminate when it comes to making money online.

The start-up costs of your new home-based business will include initial product purchase, online advertising and marketing budgets, Web site hosting fees, telephone bills, software, hardware, educational materials, office products, Domain name, merchant account fees, etc.

The good news is having a home based business affords you many tax benefits so get with your accountant regarding these perks – Making money online requires just as much work as traditional brick and mortar businesses. Research the return on your investment when choosing what products you will market in your new home based business. .

Marketing is the wave of the future it will grow your business, fund your future, and provide for your retirement if you learn to do it right.

We will look at some very interesting and unusual marking methods in future posts so stay tuned.

Some additional marketing Blog info: Yahoo Looks to Help Small Biz With Marketing Dashboard
Tips on Integrating Optimized Socialized Content Marketing
6 Content Marketing Tips For Google





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Breast Cancer Update Are You In The Know?

breast cancer
Breast Cancer update are you in the know?

My personal scare came at a time when I was in the heat of building a business, my daughter was in 4th grade and my Dr. told me I needed a bi-lateral mastectomy after my mammogram came back irregular with calcification’s and a biopsy that showed negative.

I was already scheduled for surgery when a concerned acquaintance suggested there was an alternative path. I questioned the drastic measures that would radically change my life…and began a quest that still 12 years later has me healthy and cancer free.

As I began to educate myself I discovered Dr. Mercola’s site which provided valuable information and Dr.Lorraine Day’s site in addition to many more… however I elected to follow Dr. Day’s program “Cancer Doesn’t scare Me Anymore.”

With discipline, commitment, encouragement and support from my family we embraced a drastic lifestyle change and I thank God and give him the credit that I am whole and well.

I remember the fear I endured, and encourage more women to seek for themselves.

One case study that was a tipping point for me involved two twin sisters that came down with breast cancer at the same time. One sister had a Bi-lateral mastectomy, and kemo…the other sister changed her diet, and went the alternative path.Two years later the one sister had died who had the mastectomy and kemo and the other sister was alive and well.

I had strong opposition from my Dr. that he felt I was making a serious mistake…and today I am thankful I had the courage to deviate from the mainstream school of thought which is surgery, kemo therapy and radiation.

Dr. Mercola’s article has been included in this post with the intention of encouraging women to think outside the box first…..explore your options before you are scared into a procedure that can and could be avoided.

My Researcher’s Own Story: “How I Beat Breast Cancer

Story at-a-glance

Studies show that surgery or needle biopsies on tiny spots seen in mammograms, and the extra radiation needed to perform these procedures, can actually increase your risk for developing breast cancer, whereas had it been left alone, it may never have developed into cancer at all.
A growing body of evidence is showing that mammography leads to over-testing, over diagnosis, and unnecessary medical procedures, particularly in dense-breasted women, who are more prone to getting false positives or false negatives on mammograms.
Diet and lifestyle changes can help prevent, and in some cases even treat, all kinds of cancers, including breast cancer.
One of my employees details the events that led up to her breast cancer misdiagnosis, and the proactive steps she took to optimize her health and become cancer-free

By Dr. Mercola

Recently, the Harvard School of Public Health shook the cancer industry when it published research showing that mammograms may not only be inappropriate for breast cancer screening, but may actually contribute to significant overdiagnosis of cancer that otherwise would have remained harmless.

According to leading author Mette Kalagerii :

“Mammography might not be appropriate for use in breast cancer screening because it cannot distinguish between progressive and non-progressive cancer…

Radiologists have been trained to find even the smallest of tumors in a bid to detect as many cancers as possible to be able to cure breast cancer.

However, the present study adds to the increasing body of evidence that this practice has caused a problem for women—diagnosis of breast cancer that wouldn’t cause symptoms or death.”

When the scientists also suggested that women need to know the potential harm of mammography errors, the American College of Radiology and Society of Breast Imaging were quick to accuse Harvard’s study of being flawed.

But as more and more women come forward with stories of how they’ve lost their breasts and undergone grueling cancer treatments as a result of overzealous screening, it’s apparent the Harvard team knows what they’re talking about.

A Case in Point…

The Harvard study, released April 3, 2012, reinforces the story of one of the literature researchers that work for this newsletter, whom I mentioned in an article on cancer last year. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010, and scheduled for several months of chemotherapy and radiation when she sought a second opinion at a renowned cancer institute. There, she learned chemo was inappropriate because her type of cancer doesn’t respond to it.

“Since chemo is poison, why would we want to poison you for no reason?” the oncologist told her.

Now she’s agreed to let me tell the rest of her story—one that is a perfect example of what Dr. Kalager was alluding to. Because of its flaws, mammography can lead to an overzealous search for possible cancer, over diagnosis and, ultimately, unnecessary medical procedures for something that, left alone, may never have developed into cancer at all.

Of course the breast imaging industry wasted no time firing off a scathing response to the researcher’s comments. But as I said, my employee’s story illustrates the study’s central thesis exactly: that a growing body of evidence is showing that mammography may be doing more harm than good for a great number of women.

A Teeny Tiny Dot—Followed by a Slew of Procedures

From the year she turned 40, this employee never missed a mammogram. Like many women, she mistakenly believed it was the most appropriate way to prevent breast cancer. She didn’t work for me then, so she didn’t know that radiation from mammograms can actually CAUSE cancer. But in 2008, everything changed.

“I had no lumps, no problems, it was just my regular screening,” she told me. “But after my 2008 mammogram, the technician said she’d seen something on it and needed to do an ultrasound right away. So that’s what we did. But when she was done, she left and came back with another tech, who did a second ultrasound. Then they both left and came back with the radiologist, who did a THIRD ultrasound. After a lengthy exam, the radiologist announced he was scheduling me for an MRI with dye immediately.”

The radiologist explained that he saw a tiny calcification in her breast, and since the ultrasound couldn’t tell him whether it was cancerous, he needed to do the MRI. The MRI was done, but that report wasn’t clear either, listing a final diagnosis as simply “suspicious.” The radiologist wasn’t satisfied.

“He called me at home and said he needed to do a stereotactic biopsy right away,” she said. “Scared, I agreed to it. It was a biopsy from hell, indescribably painful. In the middle of it, the radiologist commented that my ‘breast density’ prevented him from getting a good sighting on where to do the biopsy. I thought he was referring to all the weight I’d gained in the past few years.”

The biopsy came back negative. But her ordeal wasn’t over. She was next sent to a surgeon, who determined that she needed a lumpectomy, despite the negative lab report. So a lumpectomy it was—and that, too, came back negative.

Surgery or Needle Biopsies Can Actually CAUSE Cancer

“I was so relieved,” she told me. “But when I went back for my post-op checkup, there was a small lump at the surgery spot. I didn’t know at the time that there all kinds of studies about how the slightest injury or cut, as well as surgeries and biopsies can actually cause cancer—I just heard that on ABC News recently. I also didn’t know about other studies showing that injuries like my biopsy not only can trigger invasive cancer, but that mammographic compression can spread itviii .

“So when the surgeon said the lump was probably only a hematoma, I went home and ignored it. The lump was still there when it was time for my 2009 mammogram, and I pointed it out to the tech, who looked at it, felt it, and said it might just be scar tissue. When she came out and said everything was fine and I could go home, I asked if she was going to do an ultrasound on the lump, but she said no, there was no need.”

‘No Evidence of Cancer’

The written mammogram report reiterated the tech’s verbal report, saying there was “no evidence of cancer” in her breast. In 2010 she showed the tech the lump again, and again the tech said everything was “fine.”

“But this time I didn’t believe it,” she said. “So I went somewhere else before I even got the report back. I had a biopsy—and learned I had cancer. The very day of my surgery [mastectomy] I got the letter from the radiology center saying they were ‘pleased to inform’ me they’d found ‘no evidence of cancer’ in my breast. It was so crazy I couldn’t even find it in me to cry.”

After the mastectomy, the surgeon wrote her a prescription for a wig and scheduled her for chemo and radiation.

“But by this time I was working for Dr. Mercola, and I was very much aware of my power to take control of my own health,” she said. “So I did some proactive things right then and there, to make sure I was doing everything possible to fight this cancer.”


Diet, Exercise, Lifestyle Changes

The first thing she did was take a cold, hard look at the cancer risk factors of her overall health, diet, and lifestyle.

“I don’t have diabetes or heart problems or cholesterol,” she said. “But I was overweight—a definite risk for both breast cancer and its recurrenceix. Also, despite Dr. Mercola’s warnings on aspartame, I was addicted to Diet Coke—I knew for a fact that in clinical studies, aspartame caused breast tumors in mice, but I still drank it. It was a given that I didn’t watch my diet; I didn’t exercise; and I had no clue what my vitamin D3 levels were, even though I was aware that deficient levels of D3 are associated with breast cancer.”

Based on my recommendations, she implemented the following immediate changes:

Started supplementing with 10,000 IUs of vitamin D3 every day
Gave up ALL forms of soda, both diet and regular
Went on a grain-free diet and gave up refined sugars and flours
Began exercising

“And then I scheduled an appointment for a second opinion on the cancer treatment,” she said. “My new doctors gave me something called an OncoType Dx test, a type of DNA testx that tells you the likelihood of your cancer coming back in the next 10 years, and whether your cancer is responsive or not to chemo. That’s how I found out that, No. 1, my chances of it coming back were very low; and No. 2, that my kind of cancer doesn’t respond to chemo. When other tests showed no evidence of cancer elsewhere in my body, I declined radiation, so I had neither chemo nor radiation.”

A Natural, Nutritional Approach to Preventive Cancer Care

The cancer hospital where my employee went offers complementary care, including the services of both a nutritionist and a naturopath—a rarity among any place in health care, let alone the cancer industry.

“And I embraced them,” she said. “They told me to start exercising, and they furnished me with a wonderful anti-cancer diet that includes fresh, organic vegetables and fruits that are loaded with antioxidants. They applauded me for restricting myself on refined sugars and flours. And they also told me to GIVE UP commercial meats altogether, because of the carcinogenic ways in which they’re prepared. Basically, if the food comes in a can, box or package, I’m not supposed to eat it.

Luckily, my husband is a hunter so our freezer is already full of wild meats such as elk, deer, turkey and hog. We have a lake house, so fresh fish is always available.”

With the new diet, lifestyle changes, and exercise, the employee has lost over 25 pounds so far. She’s also taking vitamins and supplements that include a maintenance dose of 5,000 IUs a day of vitamin D3, CoQ10, vitamin C, grape seed extract, turmeric, and vitamin B12, to name a few.

“And I’m living it,” she said. “I feel better in all kinds of ways, and my lab work shows it. For example, at my last checkup, my vitamin D3 level was over 73—”a good number for cancer prevention” according to my oncologist.

“I love my new lifestyle, and my new way of eating. I’ve learned that many foods I’d never eaten before taste really good—the herb rosemary, for example, has a wonderful savory taste, and watercress and kale are full of flavor. I’ve learned how to snack too—a handful of walnuts is not only a cancer-fighter, but eaten with a glass of water, they can really fill you up. I’m never hungry, yet I’m losing weight a little at a time. And the best part is I’m cancer-free.”

As she embarked on this diet, this employee got a surprise bonus.

“I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in 2000,” she said. “But shortly after I started the grain-free, sugar-free, flour-free diet, something strange happened. I quit having aches and pains, and my fingers became unusually nimble. Then, when I went for my checkup at the rheumatologist’s, something even stranger happened: my blood work showed no evidence of RA at all! Although he said there was no way to prove it, the rheumatologist acknowledged that it was entirely possible that the diet was the mitigating factor in my recovery. So now I don’t need my prescription arthritis drug or even an over-the-counter pain medication. I can move and I’m pain-free. It’s a miracle!”

Mammography is a Total Failure for Dense-Breasted Women

Besides the importance of diet and lifestyle in cancer prevention, my employee learned a lot of other things on her cancer journey. For example, she didn’t know until recently that dense breasts have nothing to do with whether or not you’ve gained weight.

“But they have everything to do with your risk of a mammogram giving a false positive, which can lead to a slew of tests like I had, that you don’t actually need, or failing to identify a lump that is cancerous, like what happened to me,” she said xii.

Forty-nine percent of women have high breast tissue density, and mammography’s sensitivity for dense breasts is as low as 27 percent—meaning about 75 percent of dense-breasted women are at risk for a cancer being missed if they rely solely on mammography. Even with digital mammography, the sensitivity is still less than 60 percent.

The Final Diagnosis: Stay Cancer-Free with Knowledge

When my employee had her fateful 2008 experience, at least a dozen studies were already showing the association of breast density with breast cancer and the mistakes that mammography can make in both over diagnosis and misdiagnosis in dense breastsxv. She also didn’t know there was a movement afoot by other women like her xvi,xvii to force the FDA and state and federal governments to acknowledge mammography’s failures, or that thousands of women like her were either being over diagnosed and over treated, or had their cancers missed because of it.

“Now I’m the first to shout that, instead of telling you to go get your mammogram in October—Breast Cancer Awareness Month—what they should be saying is, ‘Are you aware that mammograms miss up to 75 percent of some women’s cancers?'” she says.

“There was a lot I didn’t know when this all started—but there also was a lot I did know, things that could have helped me stay cancer-free, but I wasn’t doing. I know better now, and that’s why I’m glad to share my story. The bottom line is to gather all the knowledge you can. Ask your doctor if you have dense breasts. Know your other risks for cancer, too—and do something about them! “Even more important, be aware that lots of times a whole slew of tests not only are unnecessary, but could be dangerous to your health.”

I thank my researcher for sharing her story with you, and hope it may inspire you to take control of your health; to really get PROACTIVE rather than waiting for disease to set in before you get that wakeup call. Maybe you’ll be given a second chance, like she was. Then again, maybe you won’t. Little else matters once you’re in a health crisis, so why not take the time NOW to implement a few healthy lifestyle strategies that just might help you avoid getting ill in the first place.

Remember, the greatest enemy cancer has is a well-functioning immune system.

In the event that you are diagnosed with early stage breast cancer, always get a second opinion—and possibly a third and fourth. I cannot stress this enough, as false positive rates are just too high and the diagnostic criteria is too subjective. Before you make any decision about treatment, and definitely before you decide to have surgery or chemotherapy, make sure your biopsy results have been reviewed by a breast specialist who is knowledgeable and experienced in that field. The majority of breast cancer is preventable. But if you are hit with that diagnosis, don’t lose hope! There is a great deal you can do to harness your body’s own powerful healing abilities.

For a comprehensive guide to breast cancer prevention and treatment, please refer to this previous article, Breast Cancer Breakthrough – Cut Your Risk of Death in Half.





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