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Effective Communication Takes Practice..Lots Of It!

Are you trying to win? Or win them over?

Dale Carnegie says that the only way to get someone to do something that you want them to do is to make them want to do it themselves. If you are always trying to win, then you are fighting. It doesn’t matter whether you are using logic or a club then you are not communicating. Communication takes practice. Good communicators do not focus on winning. Good communicators practice the art of communication and compromise. Good communication is not winning, but winning others over.

Logic rarely works

Anyone who has tried to argue with children can tell you that logic never works. The same is true with adults. When you couple logic with emotions. then you have a better chance of effective communication. Humor, anger, virtue, pride, happiness, excitement or even irony can be very effective communication tools. When emotionally involving the participant in the conversation, there is a better chance of creating a situation that they may want to do what you want them to do. Using logic as a tool to “win” an argument is not effective. Incorporating emotional connections into the conversation will bring better results.

Anger prompts action

It has been proven that people who are angry are more prone to action. However, this type of emotional involvement might not result in the type of action you are looking for. A hole in the wall or a black eye is not the result we are after in most communication efforts. Creating the emotion of anger in someone is one sure way to get results. The problem is that the results may not be predictable nor the one you want.

Humor Is A Connector

The ability to use humor in communication efforts will almost always elicit good response even when the co-communicator is not prone to your opinion. The challenge here is to get the other party to see the humor in the situation. A recent conversation with my niece about combing her hair is a good example. She hates to comb her hair as it is long and pulls when being brushed out after sleeping. She would go forever without combing her hair if allowed to do so. On a recent 2-day sleepover; on day one no amount of convincing on my part could get her to allow me to comb her hair. She is 5 years old. We ended up going out and about with her hair looking like a rat’s nest. I am sure that people we met thought I was terrible for allowing her out like that. It was that or anger! I chose the rat’s nest. Day 2 brought a new scenario. I got up and did not comb my hair. My hair always comes out of bed looking like a total lunatic. Flat on one side, sticking straight out on the other and in 10 different directions all over. If I went out in public anyone who would see me surely would think I escaped from the insane asylum. We got ready to go to “Special Persons” day at kindergarten and I asked her if I could comb her hair, and she said no. I said That’s ok, me neither, I’m not combing my hair either. She looked at me and we both laughed and we ate breakfast. After breakfast she went upstairs and combed her hair and we both laughed at mine again and I combed mine and we went to school. Three things happened here. I allowed her to win. She didn’t have to comb her hair if she didn’t want, we laughed together, and she chose to comb her hair. The emotion of humor coupled with me not “needing” to win, allowed her to make her own choice. When I stopped trying to win, I won her over!

Emotions always sell

In sales, when someone has an emotional experience they buy. The same is true in almost all communications. When children at an assembly laugh and become emotionally involved in te Debbie Banana performance, they leave the assembly with a decision to “buy” what I am attempting to convince them of (Eat five fruits and vegetables a day and macaroni and cheese in a box is bad for them.) Learning to communicate on a level of connection takes practice. It is easier to depend on convincing people of our way through logic than it is to take the time to actually learn their motivations and then make an emotional commitment to connect. People buy with their emotions. They view products and services emotionally and they also buy into what it is you are communicating when they are emotionally involved.

Practice the 10 second rule

When you practice the 10 second rule it is easier to connect emotionally and become a better communicator. The 10 second rule is that you share for 10 seconds or less and ask a question. Hear what the person says, and share again with clarifying information regarding what they said for 10 seconds or less, then ask another question. The 10 second rule keeps you open to communicate emotionally as you learn more about the other party instead of getting into the “winning” mentality. Winners rarely get what they want. Communicators, on the other hand, allow the other party to win and then win them over to their way of thinking through emotional connections. The 10 second rule is awesome and takes continued practice and focus.

Thanks to Deb Bixley for this timely information….

Web Marketing Useful Tips For New Start Ups

New businesses are tough to manage. Particularly in the current financial climate. Start-ups provide plenty of different unique challenges which are tough to overcome during the best of times. Making a business plan, finding money and creating business are areas which need a lot of thought and continual management. Advertising can play a massive role in the success of your start-up. Depending on the sector of your start-up, there might be choices available to specifically assist you. As an example, if you open a restaurant you will be able to offer free events where you invite critics and/or people and register online for different review sites to help create awareness.

One sector that business people fail to use is the world of web marketing. Online advertising is an excellent way of building business (having said that, it may be more helpful depending on the type of business you have). Many customers are now using the Internet for more things; by having an online presence you can definitely boost company interest and possible income if you are in the retail field.

Even so, new businesses are normally tight on cash and you may have to tackle web marketing and advertising on a limited budget. Luckily there are actually a number of tasks you are able to complete which don’t cost you much money at all. Of course, they may need some commitment and you might feel as though you wish to spend time on other places. Having said that, if you are able to spare a bit of time for these ideas then it might be worth it.

Firstly, selecting a good domain name is crucial. You might think that it is actually as straightforward as ordering a URL that is the same as your business name. This can be completely satisfactory but if you can squeeze in some key phrases into your domain then that might help with traffic. If your business is titled Starline, but it sells fishing equipment, a great example for a domain would be something along the lines of “”. This can help search engines understand the site more effectively.

Furthermore, it is crucial to have a higher search ranking. Most of the clicks by search engines are from the first few rankings. Very little is through the lower web pages. To do this, search engines make use of complicated and powerful formulas to establish how appropriate and helpful your site is to the search. One of several most important aspects of this is the number of incoming hyperlinks.

You can obtain inbound back links in numerous ways. This happens after some time as people begin to link to the site more. However you will be able to speed up this process with a few tactics. To start with you can create articles or blog posts and then syndicate them to article directory sites. You can get a couple of hyperlinks back to the site using suitable key phrases. Taking the example from above, the keywords could be ‘freshwater angling’ or ‘fishing rods’. Backlinking to your website by using these kinds of phrases will then mean that as soon as search engines discover the links, you are generally then also a lot more likely to show up in searches for these key phrases.

An additional way that search engines determine precisely how relevant the site is is by the quality of the back links you have. Page rank, although questioned as being appropriate, is a useful indication of how ‘good’ a site is. The better the page ranking, the more benefit a link will be. For example, if you get a link back from a page rank 10 website (arguably impossible) then your website’s page rank will improve and search engines will rank you higher as well. You can achieve this with a couple of techniques: requesting link exchanges, paying for links (although this is widely frowned upon), submitting your website to social bookmarking websites and web directories. Store your bookmarks and sites online and you can normally achieve a high page rank link back to your site. Some of them also allow you to import your bookmarks so you will be able to create links quickly.

These suggestions are just a few of the ideas you can utilize. Basically, building links to your site, will, over time, improve its online presence and thus increase user connectivity and the number of potential users. If you have the budget, you can also buy web advertising by using PPC campaigns (pay per click advertising). At the end of the day, if you try and follow some of the hints given here then you should see an improvement in Internet traffic.

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Work From Home Businesses

Some of the more cynical amongst us actually wonder if legitimate work from home businesses opportunities really exist. The answer is of course they do, but sometimes they can be a little difficult to find.
The Internet is an enormous place. Spanning the entire globe, and with hundreds of millions of users, there are plenty of people out there who use unscrupulous advertises or methods to get people to sign up for very questionable home based business opportunities which may even be scams in a worst case scenario.
The fact is, you need to learn how to look around these them to see the real opportunities that do exist down there. To be honest, it is not easy to get on stuck on the Internet when it comes to home business opportunities unless you really have no idea what you are doing and are being completely careless.
The fact is, you do not need to invest much money, if any in starting your own home based business on the Internet. What you will have to spend money on most likely, is registering a website domain and hosting which only runs into a few dollars per month.
That is hardly a big deal when you consider that the amount of money you can learn from a website is enormous. Advertising your website and driving traffic to it takes time but you do not necessarily need to invest any money into this either.
Once you have a decent amount of traffic coming to your website, such as a hundred unique visit today, then you can start selling advertising space on your site. From the very beginning, you can start with pay per click advertising but it is a good idea to build up to get multiple streams of income rather than putting all your eggs in one basket.

Online Jobs Work From Home

These days, there are more and more companies outsourcing their work to home based workers. It is beneficial not only for the companies in reducing costs, anyone who are interested in these data entry jobs at home offered by the companies can also take advantage of these online opportunities. However, there are people who still wonder whether data entry at home jobs are legitimate. Find out more below.
If you are thinking of making a living from home, you should give data entry jobs at home a thought. These jobs are legitimate and provide you the chance to make an income from home. These jobs involve tasks such as organizing the databases of the companies, preparing spreadsheets and so on. You can find the tasks that meet your skills, schedule and financial needs and you can complete them from the comfort of your home.
Working in a home environment help you to save a lot of troubles and expenses related to travel to an office environment. You can cut down the expenses related to transportation or fuel for your car to get to office. You also do not need to waste your time on the road and get caught in the busy morning and evening rush hours. This time could be well spent in completing your work with these data entry at home jobs.
The Money Saved Can Be Considered As An Income
Many people do not realize the amount they can spend in getting to work in an office environment. Sometime the money earned from these data entry jobs at home may not be high initially, but if you consider the money you can save from the expenditures related to traveling to an office environment, the net income could be considered quite substantial.
You Have All The Freedom
By doing data entry at home jobs, you have all the freedom that you need. You can be your own boss and do not have anyone to monitor you while you work like in an office environment. You can spend time more time with your family after completing your work and you can arrange your own work schedule. However, you need to be discipline and complete the tasks given to you on time.
Data Entry Jobs At Home For Extra Cash
Whether you are doing these online opportunities full time or part time, these data entry at home jobs are definitely legitimate and provide you a way to make extra cash online.

Work From Home Moms

Finding work for an at home mom can be like finding a needle in a hay stack. The last thing anyone wants to do is waste their time and for mothers who have a full schedule taking care of the house, the children, the family pet, and the husband, time is a rare commodity. The internet is filled with different ways for at home moms to make money but unfortunately many opportunities are scams and several only give them a portion of the information which still leaves them in the dark about how to get started.
For this reason and others many moms give up before they even get started due to frustration and time restraints that keep them from fulfilling their dreams. What is tragic about that is there are some really talented moms hiding behind oven mitts and aprons and that talent needs to be brought out and the right opportunity will definitely do that for them. The good thing is at home moms already have what it takes to run a successful business because they are already doing just that. Running a household is one of the toughest businesses out there and if you're the CEO of your home then owning an online business will be a piece of cake.
The great news is moms who are looking for easy ways to just supplement their income can find work doing online surveys which are designed to pay you for your opinion on products you use daily. This would be an easy way to put some extra money in your pocket without having to invest a lot of time. If you are a really motivated mom that is looking for something you can build for long term benefits, then an online business would be the best suggestion. There are legitimate opportunities that can walk you through the entire process of getting started and will be there to answer any questions about the ins and outs of building a successful business.
Yes it will take time and effort but the rewards are limitless and there are people who want you to succeed and will help you mostly all step of the way. With a step by step process, live support, and money back guarantee, it would be close to impossible to fail.

Work From Home Customer Service


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Companies are still willing to invest in the customer service industry even with a poor economy. To lower the cost of hiring these people they are turning to work at home professionals to provide the service. If you have some interest in working at home then this field might be something you want to look into. Beware though that not all ads posted are legitimate work at home customer service jobs. Consider the following to avoid potential pitfalls and scams.
How much are they paying?
While pay varies between companies, most offer $8-$15 an hour. No company is paying their customer service reps $30 or more. There are ads out there that will make outrageous claims and scam you. If the job offers more than $19 an hour walk away since it most likely not a legitimate work at home job.
What are the hours?
Customer service jobs and the hours required vary. Some companies will want you to work evenings, some may want weekends. Even though most allow a flexible schedule, they still expect you to work a set amount of time. Some companies may even have work at home employees on a set schedule. A company ad that is not clear on work hours should raise alarm. Be sure to get a clear idea of how much of a commitment the company expects.
Is there a sign up fee?
No legitimate work at home customer service job is going to ask you to pay a fee to work for them. If the company is asking you to send money for information or to sign up for the site it is a scam. Home based customer service jobs are the same as office ones. You need to be skilled in order to get the job. You most likely will have to go through an application process, but a legitimate company is not going to ask you to pay any fee up front simply to apply.
What are the requirements?
Any employer looking to fill that job, they will want to hire the best person. To do this, legitimate work at home companies will state exactly what is required of the employee. This will include what types of tasks are to be completed, and even what kind of equipment the company expects you to be familiar with.
No experience is necessaray but you need to know that your capable of doing the work required. You should put your guard up of the ad is vague and the requirements are even more vague. The less information the company provides the more likely it is a scam.
There are companies out there that offer legitimate work at home customer service jobs. Common sense and attention to detail will help you find these jobs and avoid scams.

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