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Becoming A Freelance Writer

If you have ever thought it might be nice to work from home, you have probably noticed all sorts of different “get rich quick” schemes. Of course, most of these schemes (at best) are a waste of time, and (at worst) end up bleeding you dry before you make a dime! If you want to work from home (successfully!), your best bet is to either A) Start your own business, or B) Find a task that people hire out for. One of the best avenues to test – especially if you have an interest in writing – is freelance writing!

It will take you a little while to get started with your freelance work – just like it would take you a little while to get started with any true “work from home” work. This means that you will have to build up to the time when you can work from home full-time; do not quit your day job right away!

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Early on, you will probably be taking on work for cheap or even for free, as you will need to build a portfolio and a resume in your pursuit of freelance writing. You can start out by contacting people you know who have their own business; find out if any of them need writing work done. You might even be able to start doing some extra work for your company, depending on the sort of company you work for.

You will be ready to start looking for jobs that offer pay (not high pay, probably) once you have built a bit of a portfolio. Of course, you can always look for high-paying jobs; but your goal during this time should be to pick up as many jobs as you can, as quickly as possible. You can build your portfolio more and more quickly if you are picking up writing jobs more and more quickly.

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A simple Google search will help you find some of the great websites that enable freelance writers to look for work. And as you build a good portfolio, you will be able to start approaching high-paying jobs more aggressively; over time, you will be able to land these jobs more consistently, and you will eventually be able to quit your day job and work from home full-time!


How To Manage Upset Customers

One of the biggest keys to success in your business will be making sure that you know how to manage customers who are upset, or who have a complaint about the way they have been handled by you, your employees, or your company.

When a customer is upset with you, they will be able to ruin some of your business prospects if their complaint is legitimate, and if they share their complaint with others, but when you are able to fix a situation with an upset customer, they will often be so impressed with the way you handled things that they will end up sending more customers your way!

The first thing you need to do is to acknowledge the problem – regardless of whether you feel the complaint is legitimate or not; when you acknowledge that their complaint and convey that you understand the complaint, you will be on the right path to making the situation better.


Secondly, you should start taking steps to resolve the problem – but the mistake that many people make when trying to resolve a problem with a customer is that they allow the customer to dictate the terms of the resolution. Remaining helpful while keeping the power in your hands is a delicate balance, but this is an importance balance to maintain – otherwise, you may end up with a customer who is not satisfied no matter what you do.

Finally, it is important for you to recognize the fact that some customers actually will not be satisfied no matter what you do; these are the customers who tend to complain with every company they deal with, and the best way to deal with such customers is to do the best you can and then send them on their way!

It is not always easy to manage upset customers, but it is one of the most important aspects of keeping your business in good shape – and when you can start to do this effectively, you will maximize the positive news that customers spread about your company.


WowWe Free Video Email

WowWe Free Video Email and Unique Affiliate Opportunity


Posted by Elysse Curry

If you are a regular reader of my blog you know that I am very careful about recommending income programs, I rarely make new recommendations and when I do you know they are “The Real Deal,” capable of generating real income. One policy I never stray from is only recommending a program after I have personally made money with the program. The reason I do this is pretty simple, if I have used my leveraged system to make money with a program, I know I can also teach you how to do the same thing.

WowWe is a leading web-conferencing platform that provides a quality video conferencing and video email products for traditional offline businesses and online business around the world. I love viral business tools as a consistent income stream because those who buy the services integrate them into their business and as long as the products and services deliver value, they will continue to pay the monthly fees and you will continue to earn commissions.

Here is a fun little video that will provide you with the basic s concerning the WowWe products and gain an understanding about what is offered.

Please feel free to contact me directly with any questions you may have. Viral marketing tools are evergreen meaning that once you establish a loyal customer base, you will enjoy reoccurring commissions for years to come. In addition to the exceptional products and lucrative compensation plan, you have the advantage of building a business by giving away a quality service to anyone who wants it – no strings attached!

If you would like to secure your free video email account go here: Free WowWe Video Account


Face book and LinkedIn are two social media sites that can be used to market your business in the internet age. The fact that they take a lot of time to run is a problem for most business owners. If you want these sites to do all that they can for your business you will need to invest the time needed to take full advantage of them. This is why more and more social media pages are being run by professional social media experts.

When a business decides to market in a traditional way, they almost always use another company to help them. Making commercials, printing newspaper ads, and designing logos aren’t things that businesses do own their own. These areas require unique skills and ideas. The same type of view needs to be given to social network sites for businesses. They are just as representative of your business as traditional marketing techniques.

Having a social network page for your business is a must. People actually want to look at these pages; where as commercials or print ads are often viewed as a nuisance. So why would you put half an effort into one? No one would release traditional marketing pieces that look like they were done by someone with no experience. Your social network page should be given the same amount of money and care as other methods of marketing.

All of the important aspects of a social network page center on being involved. You want potential customers to have access to you and you want to provide them with fresh relevant information. These are two main reasons that it is a great idea for a professional to handle your pages. Providing your customers with valuable information and interacting with them is a professionals full time job.


Social media sites have opened up new avenues for businesses to reach their customers. However with these abilities comes responsibility. Remember that anything and everything your business is associated with will reflect on your business. Take care when dealing with anything that is associated with your business.

Since being a presence on the internet is so important these days, it’s essential to know what to do to enhance your business’s website. This is a primer for making your website the best it can be.

Use lots of color. Color draws attention and makes you stand out from other sites. Read up on color association, and then use those chosen colors to communicate your brand. Go out of your way to wow site visitors so they’ll want to come back.

Take the time to ensure your website is user-friendly and simple to navigate. Your viewer should always be able to get back to the homepage from any page. Your contact and location information should also be available on every page.

Include as many photographs or visuals as possible. Use photographs of actual products, your establishment, and your satisifed clientelle. Use aestheically pleasing photographics taken by a professional and using the advice of a photo stylist to get best results. Make sure your website pops with visuals on every page.

Provide website visitors with incentives to stay on your site. Provide value by supplying helpful articles, unique information, entertaining blog posts, beautiful pictures, or something interesting that might make a person refer your site to another.

Use SEO best practices and use articles–both on your site and on other sites, pointing to your site – to maximize traffic. Keep abreast of current SEO practices, and make use of keywords and meta tags to improve sreach engine rankings. Post on forums and article base sites and provide back-links to your website.



Using in depth social media sites like Face book and LinkedIn are great ways to market your business online. They can take up a lot of time however and this is a problem for business owners. If you want these sites to do all that they can for your business you will need to invest the time needed to take full advantage of them. This is why more and more social media pages are being run by professional social media experts.

When a business decides to market in a traditional way, they almost always use another company to help them. A business doesn’t make their own commercials or print their own ads in magazines and periodicals. These areas require unique skills and ideas. Social networks need to start being looked at in the same way. Traditional marketing and social networks both are the face of your business.

Having a social network page for your business is a must. People actually want to look at these pages; where as commercials or print ads are often viewed as a nuisance. So don’t put effort into traditional marketing and not social networks. One wouldn’t release a commercial or print ad that looked like it was done by an amateur. So put an equal effort of time and money into the social networks you are on.

Social networks only work for your business if it is really involved in it. You want to provide fresh and relevant information to your followers as well as giving them unlimited access to your expertise. It is a great idea to hand over your social network to a professional for two main reasons. A professional makes it their sole purpose to interact with your customers and provide them with information that they will value.


Businesses can now reach their customers in more ways than ever before because of social networks. These new opportunities require some responsibility too though. Remember that anything and everything your business is associated with will reflect on your business. Be sure to treat anything that represents your business with care.

Some people see “work travel” as an inconvenience, while others see it as something enjoyable; regardless of which of the two categories you fall into, however, it will be beneficial for you to know the steps that you can take in order optimize your work travel. After all, if you have to travel, you might as well know how to make the most of it – instead of just being stuck complaining the whole time about how you are having to travel for work!

One of the best approaches for trying to enjoy your work travel is doing what you can to establish friendships with the people you will be working with while away; when you do this, the week of travel will feel a lot more like “hanging out with friends” than like a week of work!


On the other hand, some people are typically introverted in their everyday life, instead of being extroverted; if this is the case for you, your work travel can be one of the best times for you to recharge by spending time alone, as you will be in an unfamiliar place, with a quiet hotel room in which you can relax and unwind.

You should also try exploring some of the surrounding areas whenever you find yourself doing some work travel; while most people think of this when they are traveling to a “cool” city, they fail to recognize that there are plenty of “cool” things to explore no matter where they are! Before you go on your trip, search around to find out what the local attractions are; consider going to a well-regarded restaurant in the area, or visit a baseball game or basketball game, or find out where the locals hang out so you can get a feel for the local life!

If you are the kind of person who hates work travel, following these tips might not make you suddenly love it – but these tips will go a long way in making work travel a whole lot more bearable!


Anyone in business understands the prudence of carrying business cards with them wherever they go. When you are out, you never know who you will meet; furthermore, when you meet someone, you never really know who they are, and you never really know who they might know. With a stack of business cards at the ready, you are always prepared to pass one along to someone who might prove to be a future client or customer. But while just about every businessman and businesswoman understands the how and the why of carrying around their own business cards, few of them ever consider the wisdom of carrying around someone else’s business cards as well. This can be a very beneficial practice, and here are just a few of the reasons why.

When you are dealing in business, conversations with strangers are golden. Each opportunity for conversation with a stranger might be the opportunity that will open brand new doors for you. But oftentimes, people will be turned off if they think you are starting a conversation with them strictly because you wish to sell them some sort of product or service. People are protective of their money, and they don’t want you to squeeze some out of them just because they were friendly to you! But with business cards that belong to others, you are always equipped with great conversation starters. Perhaps you will overhear someone in a shop in the mall, talking about how they need a plumber. If you are equipped with your favorite plumber’s business card, you have an open door to slide into the conversation. “Excuse me, but I heard you say you need a plumber; here, take this business card – it’s for the guy we use on our house; we have always been really happy with his work!” In this way, you have opened conversation without trying to sell them something of your own. Eventually, the conversation is sure to circle back around to you, and to what you do.

People are also inclined to remember someone who helped them out without receiving anything in return. You are sure to unload one of your own business cards once the conversation comes back around to you. This person is sure to remember you next time they need a product or service like yours, and you will have a new client or customer on your plate!

Even though the practice of carrying others’ business cards might seem insignificant, it might just be the “small step” that brings you your next big thing.


Is Dilbert Bad For My Employees’ Morale?

We all are familiar with Dilbert cartoons, and even as a boss you probably think that a lot of the cartoons are pretty darn funny. After all, these cartoons are not making fun of you, right? But then again, it is easy to second-guess this sentiment when you start to see Dilbert cartoons tacked up on the cubicle walls of your employees. Even though it might seem silly or paranoid to consider that Dilbert has any effect on morale, it is also difficult to push from your mind those articles you read that, you know, said that Dilbert actually does have a negative impact on employee morale. And so you are forced to ask the question for yourself: Are Dilbert cartoons bad for the morale of your employees?

Of course, we know that humor is good for morale, and this is an important consideration to keep in mind. Certainly, the fact that these strips caused your employees to laugh is a positive sign.

Of course, the issue is that light jabs at corporate culture are at the root of most of these laughs. And when you see a cartoon tacked on an employee’s cubicle wall wherein the boss is made fun of, it is difficult to keep yourself from wondering why they chose to post this particular strip. But the solution to the problem might be more complicated than just banning these comic strips. After all, you are sure to make employees think you are completely out of touch with the way they feel if you make such a brash decision.

Don’t just order that all comic strips be taken down from office walls; instead, you ought to take the time to look at these comic strips yourself. The reason many of these strips are thought to be funny is because they make fun of the things that are wrong with corporate culture; if your employees think these strips are so funny, there is a chance that the problem does not lie with the comic strip itself. The problem might be a whole lot closer to home; perhaps the problem is with your company and the way it is run!

While some might think it is trivial to turn Dilbert into a topic of serious discussion, many businesses have, in fact, banned these cartoons from cubicle walls. Every boss wants to improve morale around the office, but instead of banning humor and hoping it will do anything but alienate employees, you should aim to improve employee morale by improving all the ways in which your business itself is run!


Each year, there are hundreds of new investment books published. Some of these books claim to have cracked the code for get-rich-quick investing. Other books are full of principles that purport to be “tried and true.” Some books are all about playing the market right now, and others are all about playing the market for the long term. Some of these books are written by those who have had great success in the stock market, and other books have been written by those whose portfolio you would not like to have yourself. So the question becomes: How do I know which books are the right books? The answer to this question is actually quite simple: forget about all these books published in the last couple years, and go back to the ones that have stood the test of time. While there are certainly valuable books that have been published over the last few years, these long-standing books have been proven to be absolutely invaluable, and they will help you lay a great foundation. All three of these books are full of advice and wisdom that will help any investor, whether you are brand new at this or have been doing it for ages.

1) The Intelligent Investor: This book is considered a must-read, even though Ben Graham originally published it way back in 1934. In fact, Warren Buffett has called this book “the best investing book ever written.”

2) The Essays Of Warren Buffett: And of course, every investor must read Warren Buffett himself; this book arranges Buffett’s essays by topic and relevance. While you certainly cannot go wrong reading Buffett’s thoughts on investing, this book is a great starting point, as it will help you in every area of investing.

3) Common Stocks And Uncommon Profits & Other Writings: In this book, Philip Fisher examines the fifteen qualities of an excellent business. You are sure to learn to expand your own portfolio as you dive through these in-depth thoughts from one of history’s greatest financial thinkers.

By taking the tips of these men who knew how to make the market work for them, you can start to make it work for yourself; no longer will you be one of those who thinks the people who make money in the stock market are simply lucky; instead, you will know from experience that the people who make money in the stock market just plain know more than those who do not.

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