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I recently received this from a friend of mine which reminded me of what a interesting principle this really is for business and in life! ~ Scott Houston

80/20 Rule: Simplify Your Life While Increasing Your Results

Do you have those few rock star clients that bring in tons of sales compared to everyone else? Do you have those couple of pain in the-you-know-what clients that cause most of your grief? Well my friend you have stumbled upon Pareto’s Principle, also known as the 80/20 Rule.

At the turn of the 20th century a very smart Italian economist named Vilfred Pareto noticed that 80 percent of the wealth in this country was controlled by 20 percent of the population. He developed a theory and mathematic formula that would later be interpreted by Dr. Joseph Juran and simplified in the 1930s as “the vital few and trivial many”.

This principle has applications in almost every aspect of your life if you look closely enough. While it many not always be a perfect 80/20 split the general theory usually holds true. Eighty percent of your outcomes come from 20 percent of your efforts, 80 percent of your sales come from 20 percent of your clients, 80 percent of your frustration comes from 20 percent of your customers, etc,

Applying the 80/20 Rule to Your Business

The greatest use of Pareto’s Principle is identifying where you should be focusing your efforts. Follow these simple steps to maximize your time and effort using the 80/20 rule:
Analyze Your Day: Take time   to sit down and look at the time you spend doing your routine tasks. Are you   constantly checking your email? Do you chat with co-workers often? Activities   like these can really waste away your valuable time. Write down what you do,   how long it takes you and the value it provides to your bottom line.
Cut the Unproductive Out:   You will find that a large majority of your time is spent on activities that   do not help you in your goal to make more money and succeed. If it’s in your   power eliminate or cut down on meetings as these seem to be a giant time suck   for most people. Avoid co-workers known to be time bandits. Take things a step   further: find the accounts on your book that are taking up time but not paying   off in results.
Focus on the Winners: After   identifying the things, accounts and people that are helping you make more   money (or however you gauge success) focus on them. Work with the unproductive   accounts and clients to find a system of communication that saves everyone   time. They must respect your time
Repeat Over and Over: Find   the qualities that your top “20 Percenters” have and look for more like them.   Continue to bring new accounts in and separate them into the appropriate   category. After awhile you will have a roster of all star clients and a long   list of steadily producing, low maintenance accounts.

80/20 in Your Life

Don’t stop now; the 80/20 principle is too powerful to not apply to all aspects of your life. Try these simple tips to increase your overall productivity and happiness using Pareto’s Principle:
Social Circle: Take a long   look at your acquaintances and figure out which ones bring the most stress and   satisfaction to your life. Compare that to the energy you are expending to be   friends with them and act accordingly. It might seem a little cold but why   waste time and energy on a friend that is negative and only brings you stress   and unhappiness?
Diet: We’re all looking to   lose a couple pounds and the 80/20 principle can help. Map out what you eat,   the calories involved, the nutritional value and overall happiness it all   brings you. Chances are you will find that for the 600 calories you spent on   that breakfast burrito you were only mildly happy with the overall   outcome.
Entertainment: Log all of   your TV, DVD, Internet, reading and other time spent on entertainment. Notice   how much you gained (either in satisfaction or knowledge) from the activity   and cut all of the filler out. With your new found spare time you can explore   hobbies you always felt you didn’t have time for, enjoy more of what makes you   happy or anything else.

Apply these simple steps to your business and life and you’ll find productivity will come more natural to you while stress and frustration are limited

Don’t Let Life Get In The Way Of Your Life

My friend Helen sent this and it is a prescription that will enhance your life. Enjoy!

The memories are so very clear. We had just put the final touches; the last giant cubes of marble and concrete were setting in. It didn’t matter that they were really big rocks and chunks of dirt and mud on the walls. What a magnificent structure! No Indians, no Cavalry, no Kings Men and no Attila the Hun could storm these walls. My friends and I had built this magnificent fort to withstand any assault from our imaginary enemies. It never occurred to us that this fortress, this pillar of strength could crumble at any moment. It had taken us days to build but they were wonderful days. The sun was blistering hot. July days in southern Ohio would get that way. The Great Miami River sparkled in the distance as we slaved and struggled to build this edifice to engineering. Of course we didn’t know that’s what we were building but that’s what my memory of those days has etched in my dreams.

We had built something that nobody else had ever built and we’d defend it to the last man; or 8 year old boy. Life was so exciting back then and this fort represented all that was good. And then the rains came. Two days of torrential rain and the river kept rising and the insurmountable, the un-breachable fort was gone, carried away in the deluge. Dreams were destroyed that week in 1953 but they would appear again. We just didn’t realize it at the time. It didn’t cross our minds that we were actually learning one of the basics of an adventuresome life. Nothing lasts forever

It’s interesting how memories and dreams sustain us as we grow older. Life often becomes what we want it to be based on those dreams of long ago. Sadly, we too often forget to live those dreams and we forget that anything is possible in a dream.

I’ve always been a bit of a dreamer so those memories of long ago have stayed with me as if they happened yesterday. That doesn’t mean it hasn’t rained on my forts just a few times. Those memories have helped me rebuild many forts and continue to do so today. Forts though get bigger, stronger and harder to rebuild as we get older but they don’t disappear. They just take more work. I’ve learned over these many years that those rebuilt forts have led to the greatest lessons I’ve ever experienced. These are the lessons that make life worthwhile, more challenging and satisfying than almost all of the other lessons combined. I like to describe them as just one of many rebirths.

My youngest daughter had just gotten married a few weeks prior to me visiting the Dr. in May of 1998. This wasn’t a comfortable visit but it was one where I pretty much knew what the outcome would be. As a runner and avid weight lifter I knew right away the signs of a hernia and thus my visit to the Dr. Little did I know that this visit would change my life and it would never be the same.

Over the next couple of weeks I was told that my kidneys were down to about 25% functioning and I soon required emergency surgery on my hernia. I was forced to delay the original hernia surgery due to the kidney issue. The prognosis I was given set the stage for life altering events that would take me in a direction I had never dreamed. The lessons I would learn would change me in ways that were unimaginable before that day. I would never be the same.My fort was being destroyed by torrents of bad news. My internal fortress was washed away, seemingly to never be found again.

Thus was my introduction to one of the most life altering moments in my fifty plus years and the beginning of a journey that continues even today. It’s strange how these forts we build in our lives can crumble overnight. We think we can withstand anything and then the unexpected storm happens and the walls come tumbling down. What we do at that point creates the defining moments in our lives. Who we are and what we are made of screams out at us to make a statement and be heard. Whether we do or not attests to our makeup and sets the stage for making those dreams come true or letting them wash away with the turmoil.

For me it wasn’t traumatic or even frightening. It was more like a slap across the face when I wasn’t quite ready. Have you ever had a slap like that? A slap that hits you square in the face when you least expect it. It usually happens when we aren’t looking with the painfully delivered message that life was changing forever. I had kidney disease and I actually lost my breath. My fort had failed to keep out the enemy. My walls crumbled and the invaders were close at hand. I was facing hand to hand combat and I didn’t even have a weapon; or did I?

That was June of 1998 and I had just come through a pretty stressful few months. I lost my mother, mother-in-law and brother-in-law all between the first week in October, 1997 and Christmas. My youngest daughter had just gotten married in May, 1998 and I had just completed one of the most lucrative consulting assignments I’d had since starting my business in 1992. To say my life was turned upside down was an understatement. I almost didn’t know what to deal with first, my grief over losing my loved ones, my joy over my daughter’s marriage, my elation that my business had finally taken off or the crash of a life altering illness. It was a lot to deal with but as I look back, I realize that this 8 month period of time would define my life from that point forward. I now know why we say, everything happens for a reason. I now truly understand my purpose in life. Kidney disease pushed me over the hump and forced me to see more clearly what I needed to do and that it was not as difficult or confusing as I had always made it. What I finally found was the direction I’d searched for most of my life and that direction was forward. All the trials and tribulations, all the struggles and setbacks, all the losses and seeming failures in life as well as the victories and happy times were simply a part of life. My fort could be rebuilt just like that one many years earlier. Why hadn’t I seen it before?

We all have our forts destroyed at some time in our lives. Many of those forts aren’t all that big or strong and some, like mine don’t fall so easily but when they do, we need a plan to rebuild. We need to think clearly and rationally and believe in our hearts that it was just a structure. It had a foundation and walls and rooms that were pieces of a life well lived but it didn’t have to have a roof. It didn’t have to have a ceiling that stopped us. When we realize this, we’re on our way to success. So how do we rebuild those forts? We keep our wits and think things through.

We slow down and analyze the problem. Overreaction can be the death of any good plan.

We act. We do something. Procrastination never accomplishes anything.

We logically move forward, one step at a time.

We believe that this is the beginning of a new chapter in life and it may very well be the best one.

I read one time where it’s never too late to become what we might have been. Don’t let your life get in the way of your life. It’s just not all that complicated.

Jim Dineen

Jim Dineen is an author, speaker and writer who has experienced dialysis and transplant and all of its ensuing complications in a not so complicated way. His first book, “Life’s Just Not That Complicated” very concisely looks at life’s challenges and asks, if it’s really as difficult as we make it. He can be contacted through his web site at or

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