Here is Good Article on why some are doomed for failure in home
businesses by Al Schreiter.

During our annual Thanksgiving networking cruise, I observed a good
example of why some people are doomed for failure in home business
I was standing in the buffet line. Two men were talking. This was
their conversation:

Man #1: I can’t believe how quiet and peaceful it is today. It’s
beautiful, just beautiful.

Man #2: Nothing is happening on this cruise. It’s boring. What a
waste of time.

Man #1: Hey look! There are three different types of shrimp for

Man #2: The food on this cruise isn’t nearly as good as my last
vacation. I don’t know how they could serve this stuff.

Man #1: I think I’ll take three desserts with me on this trip in
the buffet line.

Man #2: My room steward is rude and I don’t like the way he cleans
up my room. And my shower water is too hot.

Man #1: I’m looking forward to the Las Vegas show tonight. Want to
come with me? We can get front row seats if we go 15 minutes early.

Man #2: No way! The music is too loud and all that singing and
dancing . . . I could watch that on television if I was interested.

Man #1: Let’s get some ice cream. It’s all you can eat!

Man #2: That stuff just makes you fat. I’ve tasted better ice cream
at my local delicatessen.

Man #1: I just love cruising. It’s a great way to get away and

Man #2: I’m homesick already. It’s boring. The bartender doesn’t
smile at me. The sun is too hot. There are too many activities.
Everyone is running around with an irritating smile on his face.
You can’t get a decent newspaper and I don’t like the free movies
they’re showing tonight. My travel agent charged me too much. The
captain isn’t going where I want to go. The swimming pools make me
wet . . .

I think you have the idea.

One man decided to be happy and enjoy the cruise. His “friend”
decided to be unhappy. You could solve every problem for Man #2,
but he would find new problems so that he could remain unhappy.

Sound familiar?

As my good friend Tom Paredes says:

“When you have a dream, nothing gets in your way.
When you don’t have a dream, everything gets in your way.”

Many network marketing leaders spend hours, days, and even weeks
trying to solve and eliminate problems and challenges for their

However, no matter how much they clear the road for success, a
negative-minded enrollee will still find yet another obstacle to
throw in his way.

The leader’s efforts are wasted. The leader can’t win. And the
leader must bite his lip, stand by the sidelines and watch his
negative-minded distributor fail. That’s why many potential
superstars fail. Their dreams are smaller than the obstacles they

This also explains those “rags-to-riches” stories. These “success
stories” didn’t allow any obstacle to get in their way. Their
dreams were far larger than the obstacles they encountered.

The lesson?

Your future leaders need a dream. If they don’t have a dream,
you’ll be wasting your time helping them overcome the daily
obstacles of business. Your assistance will always be needed.

Instead of trying to fix obstacles, help your future leaders create
a dream.