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When All Is Well…What Is Your Why?

make money, business, work fro homeWith  Thanksgiving behind us and  the festive holiday season ahead of us. Now is a great time for reflection on what you have accomplished and what you are yet to accomplish as this year draws to a close. I thank my good friend Jim McCune for providing this powerful information.

Your “WHY” may just be one of the most powerful tools that you will use in building your business.

Please “Don’t Underestimate the Power of Your Why”.

At one time I did not understand what that meant.  But now, I totally get it.

You’ve probably already figured out an income goal.  Maybe you want to make
an extra $500 per month, or $1000, or $5000 or $10000 or more.  But, the
question that my mentor asked me is the same one I will now ask you:

“Why do you want that income?”

What will that money do for you?  What will it allow you to do?  What will you do
with it?

Will it allow you to quit your job?  Will it allow you to donate money to a charity?
Will it allow you to travel more?  Will it allow you to spend more time with your
children or grandchildren?

You see, a WHY is much more than a number.  It is the driving force or reason that you started to look for a home-based business or a way to make extra money from home in the first place.

You need to take a few minutes today to write down your WHY and complete the WHY worksheet that I’ve attached at the bottom of this post.

I know, I know, completing a WHY worksheet IS NOT an Cash Producing Activity.

BUT, it is very important to keeping you focused on constantly doing Cash Producing

When times are tough, and you run into challenges with your business, you can simply
pull out your WHY worksheet and read over why you’re doing this business.  Your WHY will always get you through any challenge.

Because your WHY is the most important thing in the world to you. And that is WHY you will succeed in this business.

I’ve copied out your assignment today at the bottom of this email.  You should print it out or copy it out and complete it now.  Be honest with yourself and give it some thought.

As soon as you’re done, post it up near your workspace, so that anytime you run into a new challenge, you’ve got your WHY to get you through it.

Let’s get back now to Cash Producing Activities…especially building a bigger
contact list.



These questions are designed to stimulate your thinking about your big, bold dreams.
Print this out and work through it. If you want a rich and abundant life, it all begins with a dream!

1. If you had an endless amount of money and time:

What are three things you would do?
Where would you go?
What two things would you purchase?

2. What dream have you always thought about in your mind, but never told anyone
about it?

3. If you knew you would be 100% wildly successful, what would you do?

4. Tell me about your dream home – describe the outside, the inside, and the
surroundings in detail.

5. What three things are you really passionate about?

6. If you had $500,000 to donate, who or what organization would you give to?

7. What are three things you want your dreams to do for your family?

8. What is the one thing that really drives you to succeed?

9. What would cause you to get up early, stay up late, and ignore fatigue?

10. List three things that make you happy and full of joy.
Now that you have some good information down on paper, write down
one dream you feel you can accomplish in one year or less. That’s the one you
need to focus on. Work your business with that end in sight. When you make
that dream a reality, set another small dream in front of you and then work
for that one.

Do you realize when you work toward your small dreams you are also working
toward that big, bold dream too?

It’s exciting–best wishes to you as you dream big and pursue excellence!

Call me if you need help accomplishing your goals and dreams.

Lightyear Wireless Launches Customer Referral Program

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Lightyear Wireless, based out of Louisville, KY, recently launched a new program where its wireless customers could refer 5 customers to the company and those customers would in turn earn free wireless service.
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Lifemax®, a network marketing company known for Mila®, the world’s healthiest whole raw food, has announced the appointment of Mr. Ryan Reinke as Lifemax Chief Financial Officer. In his new role, Mr. Reinke will provide a new level of financial oversight and planning to the activities of Lifemax and help ensure the company is […] Read more

Work from Home

How much time do you spend arguing for your own limitations?

I received an email a couple of weeks ago that really got me thinking about how much time many of us spend arguing for our self-imposed limitations. This woman went into great detail why she could not do something that she supposedly really wanted to do. As I read her email it seemed as if the entire universe was against her. WOW, that’s a lot of power there. The best part was that after she listed all of the reasons that she could not move forward she proceeded to tell me that she needed to make this decision so that she could be a good example to her teenage daughter. Really? Just what example are you setting I wanted to ask? You just wrote 4 paragraphs defending all of the limitations you believe you have. You listed all of the reasons that the entire universe is against you. What exactly is it that you are choosing to teach your child?

Have you ever said any of the following statements to yourself or anyone else?

We just don’t have the money?

I don’t have the time?

I would really like to do …. but?

That will work for everyone else but it just won’t work for me.

I don’t have the education.

I am not a sales person. – (This one is a whole other article to write about.)

I am too old to change.

If only my husband, wife would……

In our business, we hear these comments daily. In face it is almost comical to hear some people go on and on defending their self-imposed limitations.

I actually had a lady go on and on one day telling me all of the above in a very detailed saga of her life. She was good; she had every reason in great detail why things in her life don’t work . She truly believed her own limiting thoughts and was ready to argue them to the death. At the end of the ten-minute diatribe she finished with … I am not making excuses … I am just telling you how it is.

I offer you something to think about today and perhaps for the rest of your life. Every time you find yourself getting into limitation mode, you are afraid of something. Yes, all of your supposed limitations are simply fear. I guarantee that the same wind blows on everyone. Everyone has times when they fear. Everyone has times when they feel less than. Everyone has times when they wonder will this work for me.

The winners decide that they truly want to change something in their life. They know that they are guided by a loving caring Universal Spirit that gave them feel will. They know that free will means they can do anything they choose. They know that their God does not like anyone else better than them. With this knowledge and belief, they step out in faith with the fist step knowing that the rest will be shown as they take action. They believe that they can … and they do.

The bible tells us that it is done unto us, as we believe.
I believe that you are a winner. I believe in you. I believe that you can and will do ANYTHING you make up your mind to do.

I wish you the best of all possibilities!

Carol A. Briney
Plan B Business Consultant

“Each Day when I awake I am grateful to know that I have one more day to make a difference in someone’s life”

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Amway, also known as Quixtar for a number of years, settles a case alleging it operates a ‘pyramid scheme’ In what may well prove to have far reaching effects on the whole MLM or Network Marketing industry, Amway agreed today to settle the class action described below alleging that the company and some of their […]

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Akin Ashekun- Chairman / CEO

Prior to forming Diezel capital partners Akin was the CEO of AkinMccann financial where he implement the strategic goals and objectives of the organization.

Creating product mix and marketing strategies, Akins provided Direction and leadership towards the achievement of the organization’s philosophy and mission. 

In addition this included Strategy for its annual goals and objectives.

Akin Worked for a regional Brokerage firm as a senior vice president of investments where he managed Asset for 200 high net worth clients.He also was responsible for  raising capital for small to mid size public companies and start up ventures.

 He was also CFO for Kennedee Group. Responsible for creating the brand and the Company’s business plan to increase revenue Creating and leveraging new partnerships and affiliates to increase annual sales.

 Heading the Mergers and acquisition of clinics and pharmacies. Developed strategic planning process and negotiated alliances with prominent Industry figures to develop referral business. Design and Implemented the capital structure of the organization. Certified by New York Institute of Finance in Investment Banking, Mergers & Acquisition.

He graduated from  Prairie View University with a  Major in Architecture

Primary management is provided by Akin Ashekun – manager of record in the legal entity. Mr. Ashekun’s extensive background in retail and building small businesses into major brands is instrumental in putting together Pyur Brands. Pyurwater Inc . a Florida corporations a subsidiary of Pyur Brands LLC.

Stella & Dot Dazzles

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Jessica Herrin, founder of the jewelry company Stella & Dot, has found a way to bring together e-commerce, social networking and direct sales, while at the same time helping women work from home on their own schedules.
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