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mlm, work from home, home based business home jobs,I am such a sucker when it comes to newest, latest and greatest products….I want to try them all. Many are as wonderful as the claims in my estimation…however do great products make for a great business? Lets look at the reality of how products mix in the  business’s strength.

Any company that wants to succeed must have a salable product or service. It must be competitively priced and ideally, it should be hard to obtain from non-MLM sources or suppliers. Ask yourself “would I buy this product, at this price, if someone offered it to me?” Consumable items, such as herbal supplements, may be preferable to one shots, such as burglar alarms or water filters. Once your customer consumes the first bottle of supplements, he has to come back for more. Services that involve ongoing fees, such as insurance, also ensure a continuing stream of commissions.

Look for transfer buying opportunities. That is, it’s easier to persuade people to transfer from one branch to another of a product or service that they already use. Say from one long-distance service to your company’s service, rather than convince them to buy an exotic new lotion or potion for which they perceive no obvious need.

Check the industry grapevine. Online message boards are a rich source of industry gossip. To find out what people are saying about a particular company, you can go on- line and type in keywords MLM or multilevel marketing. You will find yourself  in a network marketing and direct sales forum.

Then select network marketing message boards. Now you can browse through boards on over 200 MLM companies listed alphabetically by company name. You can also post your messages requesting information on particular opportunities.

An excellent resource is resource is by my good friend and business associate, Lou Abbott. You can find him at . To find other MLM postings on the Internet, go to and type in the company you are investigating. You will get a wide range of messages posted on all kinds of different newsgroups.  also offers a discussion forum.  In evaluating industry gossip beware of disinformation. Some people run down competing companies as a strategy for recruiting you into their own opportunities. Always consider the source. Consult industry watchdogs. Three publications specialize in doing objective professional evaluations of MLM opportunities.

Market Wave alert letter, is published by Leonard W. Clements author  of Inside Network Marketing.

MLM Watchdog : published by Rod Clark, president of americas MLM Consultants at:

Also reliable is Augenstein. Every year, Corey publishes a ranking of the top MLM companies. Their website is Network Marketing Today, published by Corey

We will go into more depth in the next few posts to examine the other important components that make up a viable home MLM company.

Empowering Women Directly
upperware one of world’s leading direct selling companies with the largest women network, marketing premium food storage, preparation and serving items, organised one of the largest direct selling recruitment drive today in Delhi, which was attended by a large number of women. The purpose of the event was to develop new business opportunities for […] Read more

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Great Business Or Great Scam?

home based business, work from home, mlm opportunties, home jobsI love talking with women that have a dream and a vision for their futures. They do see the risks and uncertainties as varibles that are considered however the promise of the prize always drives them to push through. This is certainly true for Margaret.

As a mother of five she owned a traditional children’s resale shop…. or rather she would say it owned her. The overhead was high, and her sales were low which is a recipe for disaster, she told me in dismay.

She was not looking for an MLM company when it was presented to her; however she was desperate and figured what did she have to lose? She was surprised when she made several hundred dollars her first month. Margaret used her association with other moms that came into her shop to network her way into a six figure income over a two year period.

Margaret closed her store front, when she determined she was making more part time, than her full time business produced. That was her freedom day she shared with tears in her eyes as she relived the day for me. Will MLM allow you to have a freedom day? That all depends on you.

There are things to look for in a Network Marketing business that will keep you from just spinning your wheels and getting nowhere. It is true that many Network Marketing businesses fail.  there is a graveyard of over 450 in the last 5 years alone. It is also true that many traditional businesses will experience failure in their first five years. But if you know how to do it right, then Network Marketing could be the best career in the world!

•You should be able to start with little cost.  Avoid big sign-up fees and expensive front loading. Beware of spending thousands of dollars to get started, buying your way to the top of a pay plan. If you have to purchase large volumes of product to qualify for your check, and to stock inventory yourself, run away from anybody requiring you to do those things.

• Do not fall for outrageous claims such as making money with no selling. In Network Marketing, you can get people placed under you without having to do anything if the people above you are doing a lot of work and your compensation plan is a forced matrix or power leg binary. That kind of thing is called spillover, but you cannot count on getting rich from that. People joining with that expectation will be disappointed. Even worse, do not get involved with a company that is offering a business opportunity but has no product or service to sell other than the opportunity.

 Always, before you join any company, go to the Internet search engines and check for complaints and scam warnings. Sales and distribution are the backbone of all business. Direct sales are the type we are most familiar with. The products of a company are sold by a salesperson that receives a commission, which is a percentage of the money gained by the sale. That is the traditional sales approach. The salesperson can also be paid on an hourly or salaried basis, even per lead contacted as long as they meet a sales quota, but the source of income for business is always sales driven.

Network Marketing is proving to be a better way, both for the companies and their product distributors or salespeople. You are still selling a product or service for the company, but you also are looking for people who want to do what you are doing, selling the company’s product and making money doing it.

You are building a team. What that does is take sales to another level because, once you get someone else selling for the company, the company has a new distributor and you get paid not only on your sales, but also on the new distributor’s sales as well. That is why it is called Multi-Level Marketing. When that distributor on your first level gets a new seller for the company, you also get paid from the work of that new seller.

If that new seller on your second level recruits, then you have a third level. You can have a team building under you, doing sales for you, making money for you, and it can happen by design. The payment plans in MLM mostly include binary, breakaway, matrix, stair-step and unilevel. With the uni-level plan, there is no limit to the number of people you can have under you at the first level. The purchases from your first level are where you get the highest commission.

 Commissions for purchases from your second level on down are not as high percentage-wise, but can add up to a big amount through the sheer number of sales. Those earnings are often called leveraged earnings  because you have utilized the work and the time of other people. That is the way to get wealthy.

Network Marketing is about the referral and soft sell. You do not have to give people the hard sell to be successful. You simply use the company’s product or service and recommend it to others. It helps a great deal if you are passionate about it. The company provides promotional materials such as sales letters, brochures, recruiting calls, recorded messages, websites, flash movie presentations, DVDs, and even magazines. They should be persuasive materials that put forth the benefits of the product or service to the prospect and should include plenty of testimonials.

The company should have a valuable and desired product or service that people would really want to have. Preferably, the product should be unique and manufactured by the company itself. You want the service to be a continuing monthly service or the product to be a consumable one, so that you get recurring purchases every month and an ongoing income.

With Network Marketing, you will not just be making one-time sales as in direct marketing. You will be making residual income that keeps coming in whether you work or not. It is the perfect way to build a retirement income, so the company you choose should be debt free and have been in business for at least 7-10 years so that you know that it is solid.

Having found those things, you then present the business opportunity and the product to as many people as possible. Your warm market is people you know, such as friends, family, and co-workers. Beyond that, you can advertise, or buy lead lists of people interested in starting a business or interested in your type of product or service.

For Network Marketing, the most targeted lists you can get are MLM Genealogy Lists. Those are people who have shown an interest in Network Marketing by already having been involved in it. Do an Internet search for MLM Genealogy Lists if you want to buy one. Those lists are not expensive and many of the people on it already have experience building a business. Most however are an ABSOLUTE waste of money! Check with the support team you are interviewing to see how they are expanding their business.

In our next post we will look at the product service end in more depth. Until then Be blessed!

The New Face Of Network Marketing

Fox Business:
Arbonne, the Swiss skin care, health and wellness company, doesn’t sell its products in stores and doesn’t spend money on advertising or product placement. It sells products through a network of independent consultants. Consumers can only buy products initially through one of those consultants and after the first purchase via the Web. According […] Read more

Work from home, mlm, home-based businessEveryday I am thankful that I can make a living working from home. Everyday I feel blessed that I am disciplined to do the daily activities that produce the results that allow my business to flourish and grow. In a previous post we looked how traditional business might work from home..the pluses and minuses. Now lets look at the business of network marketing and see what the differences are.

If you start your own network marketing business the initial investment is very low; probably less than $700. You don’t need an office or a store to rent because you work out of your home. There may not be a need for extra insurance, legal fees or expensive marketing advice, because all of these things are taken care of by any good network marketing company.

Most companies also offer valuable training at minimal cost that will vastly increase your chances of success. You can start your business part time and you can work when and where you choose. Perhaps the most important advantage of the network marketing business model is the leverage it offers.

You can leverage yourself by sponsoring others into your business and helping them build a business for themselves. Yet these people on your team are not your employees, they each have their own business. Therefore they’ll be more motivated to work because they are not working for you, they are working for themselves. This way you can build a network of thousands of independent distributors scattered all across the globe through different levels in your organization that you can benefit from.

It’s like having thousands of stores all over the world without having to pay rent on any of them. Does this make network marketing perfect? No, of course not. Nothing is perfect but anyone who seriously evaluates network marketing can’t help but come to the conclusion that it offers some remarkable advantages over traditional business.

In our next post we will meet Margaret, who has experience in both arenas. In the mean time watch this video it is sure to bless you

Payment of multilevel commissions on these creates “unacceptably high legal risk”
This article was published a few months ago by Gerry Nehra, one of the few attorneys in the world who has focused their whole career on network marketing, multilevel marketing legal issues.
It is information that professional networkers should really be aware of in order to […]

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This is INSANE…..Man Can Fly!

MLM, Home-based business Opportunities, ideas and resources to help you start and run a home based business.One man does for thrills another runs from in fear….which are you?

mlm, work from home, home based businessToday started off like most good mornings….ten miles on the bike while I mentally prepared for my day. I am in Mobile, Alabama and hit the gym at 7:00 am. New place, new faces, new equipment.

I committed to take the 30 day Strangest Secret Challenge, and 5 days into it am seeing marked results.

So….. I’m visualizing the success of my day with my eyes closed. I’m smiling. An awful wretch breaks into my concentration as the I feel the warm fetid contents of the pregnant woman’s stomach jogging beside me spew over my thigh and drip down my leg.

My eyes popped open in horrified surprised which was quickly replaced with concern, as the woman stepped off the treadmill and wretched again depositing a pinkish puddle between us. Jumping off my bike I gripped her arm to support her, meeting her watering eyes which were teared with embarrassment and apology.

“I guess my breakfast didn’t agree with me.” She said with a weak smile. “Quite a mess eh?” I nodded sympathetically returning her sheepish look. “Sorry about that.” she muttered looking at my soiled smelly shorts. She handed me her sweat towel, then lead my hand with hers to dab at the goo.

”Third child, first trimester sickness is a witch”…. she sighed, rubbing the rounded swell of her stomach with her free hand. “I’m Clare.” she volunteered side stepping the odious puddle to gently push me down on the bike seat.

She poured water from her bottle on the towel and blotted the remaining mess on my shorts. ” I do feel better though.” she remarked with a half grin to reassured me. I started to laugh hysterically as her laughter joined mine contagiously….”What?” she asked raising her brows. I gasped catching my breath simautaniously sweeping my hand to encompass the situation.

“Potholes…I choked…. even when you are riding a stationary bike….other people throw up on you and they feel better and you’re left sitting in it.”

Everyday stuff happens…find the humor when someone throws up on you, and you’re left sitting in it. Immediately re-align your thoughts, and find the pony in the pile of poo. I found mine….I have a new friend in Alabama.

Watch the Strangest Secret…and change your life! Be prepared no matter what happens.

work from home, mlm, home based business oppportunitieasDriving to Mobile, Alabama…..two escaped ostriches and a llama buddy are holding up traffic after a  four car pile unhinges the large cages from the back of a truck.(I know Sounds like the beginning of a joke.)

I have a front row seat as these beasts zig-zag across the middle of the highway in a bizarre awkward dance as a bloody faced obese guy charges after them attempting to flag them over to the highways shoulder.

The larger white bird flails his long neck bashing  his smaller mate in the face, who trips up the closely following llama, and the two careen to the pavement in a tangle of feathers and wool. The bully bird then stands over them kicking them with its free claw as the puffing sweating bleeding guy catches up and intercedes to get them on their feet and out of traffic.

Big bird is not liking this guy and goes in for a beak shot, catching him on the back of the arm. He squeels and staggers toppling over the llama which is trying to get up.

The llama kicks him catching him on the shoulder, then bolts over to cower in front of bully bird as  Several by-standers convene on the scene from their abandoned vehicles to come to the wounded guys rescue. They are shooed back as the birds sandwich the llama protectively holding  striking positions. The men halt looking at each other for leadership. Then all dash backwards as the birds lash out aggressively.

From nowhere this itty bitty white haired gal strolls beside my truck and walks fearless up to the birds with a hand out. I am astounded as she bird-whispers them into submission, and pied pipers them over to their cages. 

The men rush over, and assist her in getting the troupe housed again in their cages. Several other on-lookers joined me as we all got out of our cars and applauded. What a demonstration of leadership and action.

Two more hours were spent in reflection before the jam was cleared. My moral of the story is….one determined  person with knowledge, and action can transform chaos and bring a measure of order when disaster is imminent.

Does that describe you? Something to think about.