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In a move meant to bring a greater degree of reliability and authenticity to a now-thriving industry, the Direct Selling Reps’ Association has announced the 2010 Certificate of Excellence Recipients, a group of network marketing companies selected from more than 1,200 potential network marketing opportunities. It is the first annual industry certification program to […] Read more

Mlm, work fro home, home based businessWe all have God given gifts…are you using yours or are you just making excuses. You can design the life of your dreams……if you eliminate the excuses!

mlm, work from home, home based business opportunityThese are real scams that these women are sharing so that you can educate yourselves. Catalina fell for the mail order system, stuffing scam. She didn’t make a dime. Need I say more.

Wilma paid $75 for a typing at home scam. The disc arrived with hundreds of company names and addresses, no phone numbers, most with restrictive comments like ‘must be local’ or ‘only accepting applications for overload work,’ and countless other restrictions. When it came down to it, there were probably only five or 10 real possibilities. She sent in her application to those and never received any response. The rest of the disc came with common sense tips for getting typing at home business. She probably would have done
better going to her local yellow pages.

When Darla tried a home assembly job, she bought her first sales kit and she received payment for the first product she assembled. But then after she spent a lot more time and money for more supplies, they rejected everything else she made.

There are numerous accounts from women that I’ve spoken with, that sent in money on ads that offered work at home but asked for $40 or more up front to prove that they were serious. They never heard from the companies again, and they never got their money back.

How will I recognize the Real Deal?

When my daughter Megan was sixteen, she wanted a birthday party. She wanted it to be unique and different from all the other parties she’d attended. No skating and pizza at the local skating rink, no movies and birthday cake….unuh…. that was just plain juvenile. No Chuck E. Cheese, no McDonald’s, no tea parties. Something that would be so outrageous and so smashing it would go down in the annals of one of the best moments of her young life.

She dreamed of renting hot air balloons that were colorful and majestic, nixed that idea in lieu of renting jet skis and powerboats so they could go Para-sailing. Crossed that off the list, over budget….way over budget. then she heard you could rent out part of Disney World and have a huge party.

When I reminded her that she could do anything that she wanted as long as she stayed within the budget, she sighed as she also crossed that off her list. More research on her part, mixed with a little creative ingenuity, brought her squealing into my office to coax me into her plan.

She found a three-bedroom suite at a luxurious condominium property that had a one time introductory rate and a special teen club that catered sweet sixteen birthday parties. A couple of days had gone by, and I asked her one last time before I sent in the deposit to the club… “is this really what you want to do?” She said, “Yes, I think my friends will like it. Do you think we will be able to fit one hundred fifty kids in the three bedrooms?” I laughed and told her to go back to the drawing board.

And I believe choosing a business can be the ultimate difficult decision because there are just too many choices as well as some unrealistic expectations. I often get calls from women who really want to work-from-home, but they just don’t know what to do and I think to myself, “I can understand their confusion.” There are so many things to choose from, so many businesses that can be run from home.

And perhaps that is the problem. Too many choices. So how does one decide what to do? How do you pick your party? I suggest to women to think about the things that they like to do, their skills, their interests and try to build a business around that.

Look at the businesses that other women are running, and borrow ideas from them all. If you choose something you enjoy, you will have a better chance of success. Make sure that you have realistic expectations. We’re work at home women for a good reason.

If someone is trying to sell you on an MLM business, they’re going to present their best possible story and tell you why their company is the best. It is up to you to ask the questions. Find out exactly what is expected and what kind of results a typical person can expect. Find out exactly what kind of party you want and then make your decision.

Megan did have her birthday party and she was able to do it at the same club. However, we did have to notch down the guest list and order in pizza. Yet it was the best party ever! I needed to make sure that she had realistic expectations. And of course as difficult as it is choosing the business, that’s the easy part.

As moms who help to plan birthday parties know, once the party starts, then the real work begins. So too “Running your business!”

Renewed In Paradise

                                                                          Renewed In Paradise             Time passes so quickly. Twenty-five years together…Half of my life-time… 23 wonderful years  and thankfully the tough times were interspersed in pockets that helped us to grow in the  earlier tougher times. 

Compacting the joys and sorrows, the  pain and pleasures that have  comprised our lives would be impossible to convey in this brief post. 

 So I included a visual…It has been so worth it…We did it again, on Peter Island in the British Virgin Islands …with eight of our friends and our daughter officiating the ceremony. We recommitted to each other to share the remainder of our lives living and loving, hoping the future will hold health, purpose, commitment and a shared vision that the best is yet to come. 

I am often asked if I had it to do over again what would I change. On reflection, I would evict  the wasted emotion and energy  of mind blunders which are thoughts that never manifest the desired results you are hoping to achieve.

You may be  blessed with a bright mind and optimistic spirit. Be thankful.  If you are still waiting to see the victory that seems so elusive. Stay strong it is coming. Every phase of life offers opportunity and challenge. Seek and you will find it. The ultimate gift we can recieve or bestow is  wisdom….seek who you will receive the baton from, and be decerning in who you will deliver it to. Wisdom combined with the real deal will allow you to design the life of your dreams.

mlm, work from home, home based businessLeadership and producing massive results is not about what you do. It is what you do daily that counts. The following are five things that top earners and network marketing leaders do daily.

1.) Visualize/Meditate on Their Goals:

Network marketing leaders and top earners take time preferably first thing in the morning to visualize and meditate on their goals. They have a clear mental picture on the life that they are creating for themselves and others. Remember whatever the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve. Get clear on your vision for the life that you are creating for yourself.

2.) Income Producing Activities/ Massive Action:

Visualization without action is delusion. You visualize and affirm your perfect life but action is required to bring your visualization into your reality. The only time you are working your business is when you are taking action. The two things that will increase your income and produce results are marketing and talking on the phone.

The actual hours that you are working your business is when you are engaged in one of those two activities. Income producing activities include placing ads, marketing and driving traffic to your website. Network marketing leaders and top earners do this daily. Yes they do it while they even traveling too because it is FUN. It is not work.

The word “work” should not even be in your vocabulary. When you can pick up your laptop, travel the world and operate your business; it is a blast. This is what network marketing leaders do daily. It is all about consistency.

3.) Personal Development:

“Work harder on yourself then you do on your business.” – Jim Rohn. Network marketing leaders invest time daily into themselves. They block out time even if it’s a half an hour to read books and listen to mindset cds. Top earners make use of NET (no extra time) time. You have plenty of net time that you can be using for listening to mindset cds including driving your car, exercising, taking walks, cooking, running errands, etc. Use your time wisely.

You become what you think about all day long. Top earners are committed to feeding their minds with positive productive information. They do not bombard their minds with CNN (constant negative news) and reading newspapers. Network marketing leaders are committed to their ultimate vision and focusing on becoming what they think about.

Your income will be a direct reflection of the books you read, cds you listen to and the people you surround yourself with.

4.) Masterminding With Other Network Marketing Leaders:

As I mentioned earlier, your income and lifestyle will be a direct reflection of your friendships. If you take the average income of your five closest friends, then you will come up with your annual income. This is a fact. You become who you surround yourself with. Your thinking is a direct reflection of this. Now, no one is saying to get rid of your friends.

However, if you are committed to increasing your income, then you need to commit to masterminding with network marketing leaders and top earners consistently. This is exactly what I have done and it has resulted in doubling my income in both 2008 and 2009 to a multiple six figure income and being a part of the 3%.

Commit to being coached by a top earner/leader and surrounding yourself with the best. You will look back 12-24 months from now and be glad that you did versus regretting that you didn’t. Take Action Now!

5.) Cultivation and Expectation of Leadership

Network marketing leaders and top income earners play big. If you are committed to having it all then you either play big or you go home. Listen, yes the rewards of being a top 3% income earner are incredible.

The juice is definitely worth the squeeze. However, it requires a commitment, work ethic and being coachable. Do what your coach/leader says and recommends. Do not deviate from the game plan. The top 3% income earners and network marketing leaders follow the principle very closely. (Keep this posted on your wall)

BE – DO – HAVE (3% of Entrepreneurs/Leaders)

Top income earners focus on being the person that they visualize to be. Then they do the things that those network marketing leaders do. Then they have the exact results/lifestyle/income that they initially visualized.


HAVE – DO – BE (97% of People that set goals operate this way)

The reason why 97% of people that set goals do not achieve them is because they THINK and approach their goals differently. They want to wait to have the results. Then when they have them they will actually commit to taking action and playing big. Ultimately, they hope they will have the lifestyle of a top income earner and leader. Of course this never happens because waiting to step up your game and playing big until the results flow in will never happen.

If you are trapped with the 97% thinking you will NOT get the results of a top income earner and leader. 97% want to wait to see if something works and then they will step up their game and commit to playing full out. You are either in all the way and operate like a 3% or you might as well throw in the towel now, because you will not see the results you came to this industry for.

Faith precedes the miracle. You have to conceive and believe it before it happens. You need to BE the leader first and take massive action to have the results.

Commit to living by the BE-DO-HAVE principle and doing the 5 things that network marketing leaders do daily. Your life will be transformed.

MLM work fro home, home-based business opportunitiesThis #!*@! business doesn’t work!!!

Al’s new distributor was complaining: “This #!*@! business doesn’t work!!!”

And his new distributor was right. The business doesn’t work.

So he had to tell the new distributor a story. 
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

You look for the best car for you, and you purchase the car.

Then, you never learned how to drive your car.

You never take driving lessons, you never go out driving with your parents, you never read the owner’s manual. You

don’t know what the pedals are like on the floor or where to put the key into the ignition.

You only made a few attempts at “trial and error” . . . you yelled at your car and said,

“Drive! Drive!”

And your car didn’t drive itself.

Success and failure two sides to the same coin. Which will you flip for?

So now you looked for a network marketing business that is good for you.

You purchased the business and joined.

But you never learned how to make your business work.

You only made a few attempts at “trial and error” . . . you said the wrong words to a few friends and two cold leads.

And your business didn’t build itself. Your business didn’t work.

* You didn’t come to Saturday trainings.

* You didn’t do three-way calls with your sponsor.

* You didn’t listen to my training CDs.

* You didn’t come with your sponsor when your sponsor went prospecting.

* You didn’t learn how to give a “One-Minute Presentation.”

* You didn’t learn “SuperClosing” or any closing.

* You didn’t learn about the “Colors” – the four different personalities and how to talk to them.

* You didn’t learn any effective “Ice Breakers” or openings.

* You didn’t learn how to get prospects to beg you for presentations.

* You didn’t learn any effective first sentences.

* You didn’t learn how prospects make decisions in their minds.

* You didn’t learn how to get unlimited appointments.

* You didn’t learn how to stop sounding like a sleazy salesman.

* You didn’t learn any of the “sequences of words” to communicate directly with the prospects.

* You didn’t learn how to use the differences between needs and wants.

* You didn’t learn where and how to locate the best prospects.

* You didn’t learn how to create prospects instantly on demand with effective sentences.

* You didn’t learn the sequences of words top leaders use.

* You didn’t learn how to open a presentation.

* You didn’t learn how to build instant rapport with anyone.

* You didn’t learn how to use word pictures.

* You didn’t learn how to talk directly to the subconscious mind of the prospect.

* You didn’t learn why prospects tell you “No” when they should be agreeing with you.

* You didn’t learn the first things you must say to cold prospects.

* You didn’t learn how to locate and create leaders.

* You didn’t learn why goal-setting doesn’t work.

* You didn’t learn how to motivate people.

* You didn’t learn how to get your prospects’ unconscious minds to work for them.

* You didn’t learn how to use stories to bypass the two mind filters of prospects.

* You didn’t learn how to quickly capture your prospects’ imagination and attention.

* You didn’t learn how to . . .

So stop blaming the business.

The business doesn’t work.

You work.

Don’t blame the “stupid” prospects, the weather, the economy, the product pricing, the compensation plan or your sponsor.

If you want to drive the new car you purchased – learn to drive.

Success and failure two sides to the same coin. Which will you flip for?

mlm, work from home, home-based businessI am Amazed….more calls today from people asking me if the business opportunity they are looking at is a scam.  Lets look at “The Top 10 Home-Based Business…Work-At-Home Scams”: Knowledge is power.

Note: These scams are not ranked by dollars lost or people scammed. In fact, there’s nothing scientific about the list. It’s just the ten home-based business scams I find the most disturbing.

10. “Craft Assembly”

This scam encourages you to assemble toys, dolls, or other craft projects at home with the promise of high per-piece rates. All you have to do is pay a fee up-front for the starter kit… which includes instructions and parts. Sounds good? Well, once you finish assembling your first batch of crafts you’ll be told by the company that they “don’t meet our specifications.” In fact, even if you were a robot and did it perfectly, it would be impossible for you to meet their specifications. The scammer company is making money selling the starter kits — not selling the assembled product. So, you’re left with a set of assembled crafts… and no one to sell them to.

9. “Medical Billing”

In this scam, you pay $300-$900 for everything (supposedly) you need to start your own medical billing service at home. You’re promised state-of-the-art medical billing software, as well as a list of potential clients in your area. What you’re not told is that most medical clinics process their own bills, or outsource the processing to firms, not  individuals. Your software may not meet their specifications, and often the lists of “potential clients” are outdated or just plain wrong. As usual, trying to get a refund from the medical billing company is like trying to get blood from a stone.

8. “Email Processing”

This is a twist on the classic “envelope stuffing scam” (see#1 below). For a low price ($50?) you can become a “highly-paid” email processor working “from the comfort of your own home” Now… what do you suppose an email processor does? If you have visions of forwarding or editing emails, forget it. What you get for your money are instructions on spamming the same ad you responded to in  newsgroups and Web forums! Think about it — they offer to pay you $25 per email processed — would any legitimate company pay that?

7. “A List of Companies Looking for Home Workers”

In this one, you pay a small fee for a list of companies looking for home workers just like you. The only problem is that the list is usually a generic list of companies that don’t take home workers, or companies that may have accepted home workers long, long ago. Don’t expect to get your money back with this one.

6.”Just Call This 1-900 Number For More Information…”

No need to spend too much time (or money) on this one. 1-900 numbers cost money to call, and that’s how the scammers make their profit. Save your money — don’t call a 1-900 number for more information about a supposed work-at-home job.

5. “Typing At Home”

If you use the Internet a lot, then odds are that you’re probably a good typist. How better to capitalize on it than making money by typing at home? Here’s how it works: After sending the fee to the scammer for “more information,” you receive a disk and printed information that tells you to place home typist ads and sell copies of the disk to the suckers who reply to you.

4. “Turn Your Computer into A Money Making Machine!”

Well, this one’s at least half-true. To be completely true, it should read: “Turn your computer into a money-making machine…for spammers!” This is much the same scam as #5, above. Once you pay your money, you’ll be sent instructions on how to place ads and pull in suckers to “turn their computers into money-making machines.”

3. “Chain Letters/Emails” (“Make Money Fast”)

If you’ve been on the Internet for any length of time, you’ve probably received or at least seen these chain emails. They promise that all you have to do is send the email along plus some money by mail to the top names on the list, then add your name to the bottom… and one day you’ll be a millionaire. Actually, the only thing you might be one day is prosecuted for fraud. This is a classic pyramid scheme and most times the names in the chain emails are manipulated to make sure only the people at the top of the list (the true scammers) make any money. This scam should be
called “Lose Money Fast” — and it’s illegal.

2. “Envelope Stuffing”

This is THE classic work-at-home scam. It’s been around since the U.S. Depression of the 1920s and 1930s, and it’s moved onto the Internet like a cockroach you just can’t eliminate. There are several variations, but here’s a sample: Much like #5 and #4 above, you are promised to be paid $1-2 for every envelope you stuff. All you have to
do is send money and you’re guaranteed “up to 1,000 envelopes a week that you can stuff… with postage and address already affixed!” When you send your money, you get a short manual with flyer templates you’re supposed to put up around town, advertising yet another harebrained work-from-home scheme. And the pre-addressed, pre-paid  envelopes? Well, when people see those flyers, all they have to do is send you $2.00 in a pre-addressed, pre-paid
envelope. Then you stuff that envelope with another flyer and send it to them. Ingenious perhaps… but certainly illegal and unethical.

We have all seen the ads that claimed to be hiring home workers. BEWARE. Many of them are scams. Here are some warning signals that will help you weed out the scams from the legitimate jobs. They asked for money. They may claim that you need to send money to show you’re serious. This is a huge red flag! Don’t do it! You should never have to pay someone to work for them. Getting hired to do a job is different from starting a home business. You may have to
pay for a starter kit when you begin many direct sales businesses, but they should be very clear about exactly what is in your kit. What are you getting for your money?

Ads that emphasize Work at Home but are vague about the actual work you’ll be doing are another danger area. They may say that you’ll be selling reports, retyping orders, but again they’re vague regarding the actual products and services. The ad claims that ‘no experience is necessary’ and ‘make easy money.’ Of course there are jobs that offer on the job training. But the majority of employers prefer someone with skills and experience. If they lead their ad with these come-ons, watch out. It’s another warning signal.

In our next post we will look at Mlm scams and how to avoid them.